NEMT Dispatch Software

Non-emergency medical transportation dispatch software, RouteGenie, along with its DispatchGenie feature, allows NEMT companies to efficiently deliver senior or disabled patients to and from the hospital, medical appointments, clinics, or pharmacies.

Without automation of NEMT routing and dispatch technology procedures, running any of the transportation operations is no cakewalk. Providers can make fatal mistakes which will cost a lot of money. Especially when the company is on a fast track and keeps growing. On a daily basis, NEMT providers may contend with common problems like various human errors, insufficient driver scheduling, no-shows, drivers getting lost, vehicles breaking down, traffic problems, add-on trips, on-demand trips, driver call-offs, and cancellations. In addition, every company works under unique circumstances. It may deal with multiple funders or a single one, serve the rural or urban area, plus, the structure of Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance-funded services differs in every state. Providers must take into account all the peculiarities to operate efficiently. Fortunately, an advanced RouteGenie NEMT digital dispatch system can take upon a huge part of the burden. When it comes to dispatching, technologies also win as they do in many spheres of modern life.


✓ Choose the right NEMT vehicle every time

DispatchGenie considers passenger needs when suggesting and assigning vehicles to trips. Never send out an unqualified driver or vehicle again!

✓ Allow dispatchers to be more proactive

Less time spent stressing over NEMT vehicle mistakes means more time for your dispatchers to provide better service to your passengers and drivers.

✓ Reduce labor and maintenance costs

Fewer wasted miles and unnecessary NEMT vehicles on the road saves you money!

✓ Make the best dispatching decisions

DispatchGenie will suggest and/or select the best NEMT vehicle for a trip.

✓ Multi-load effectively and efficiently

DispatchGenie’s intelligent dispatching engine will consider and execute on multi-load opportunities.

✓ Communicate with drivers in real time

DispatchGenie sends real-time updates to the RouteGenie Driver App, so NEMT drivers always have the most up to date information, and you always know what your drivers are doing.

RouteGenie non-emergency dispatch software is a cutting-edge technology that helps NEMT companies provide a reliable and safe transportation service to eligible patients and covers all levels of operational care. DispatchGenie helps you handle real-time changes like add-on trips, no-shows, cancellations, vehicle breakdowns, and traffic problems.

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RouteGenie is a helpful NEMT dispatch software tool for NEMT providers that eliminates barriers to healthcare transportation for patients. Non-emergency medical transportation companies should automate and digitize their dispathing operations. In this way, they’ll meet continuously growing market demands for excellent medical ride services for their patients. The right medical dispatch software is a time-, labor-, and money-saving solution. RouteGenie NEMT dispatch software, with its advanced dispatching capabilities, simplifies driver monitoring for faster trips, making your business more efficient and profitable.

With the help of this software, each NEMT company can deliver premium-quality service to passengers and improve its cash flow.

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Our team has created NEMT dispatch and billing software called RouteGenie to accommodate all needs of the NEMT providers.

It’s designed to help them overcome challenges and real-time changes that providers experience throughout a day such as on-demand trips, add-on trips, will calls, late cancellations, no shows, vehicle breakdowns, driver call-offs, traffic problems, and more. Our software allows providers to generate optimized schedules and routes. It boasts flexible dispatch modules which can be customized per individual needs. Other convenient functions include: improved communication with drivers, simplified and efficient billing, well-developed client service. Using our software will improve the overall effectiveness and on-time performance of the NEMT providers. Below you’ll find the most prominent advantages of our solution.

Informative dispatching and scheduling resolutions

It optimizes scheduling and dispatching by analyzing daily trips and routes. This way dispatchers can identify where last-minute pick-ups, will calls, or single-reservation rides fit into the existing schedule. Besides, the software will suggest the right vehicle for a particular trip, making it, on top of everything else, the best NEMT ambulance dispatch software.

Allowing communication with drivers in real-time

It sends real-time notifications and updates to the drivers’ app, making it the best NEMT and taxi digital dispatch system. The drivers always have relevant information whereas dispatchers know where the drivers are and what they are doing.

Suggesting the right NEMT vehicle

It always considers the passenger’s needs when choosing and assigning cars to trips. This feature is convenient for both patients and providers since it eliminates the chances of the wrong vehicle or even unqualified driver for an individual with particular needs (wheelchair, crutches, stretcher, etc).

Excellent multi-load opportunities

Our NEMT cloud dispatch boasts an intelligent engine that greatly executes on multi-load options.

Reducing labor and costs

No more unnecessary NEMT vehicles! Fewer wasted miles! Our most used dispatch software for NEMT will save you money!

Real-time dispatch

It’s capable of accommodating the same-day scheduling changes such as last-minute trip requests, late cancellations, and will calls without affecting on-time performance.

Mobile experience

Thanks to user-friendly mobile applications for clients and drivers, the software increases trip management capabilities and overall transparency. It’ll definitely improve the transportation experience for all stakeholders.

Encouraging dispatchers to be more proactive

Dispatchers will be able to provide better service to drivers and passengers since they’ll spend less time fixing various mistakes and choosing the right vehicle.

Using RouteGenie NEMT dispatch software, providers will be able to operate with maximum efficiency and maintain better on-time performance. It provides intelligent routing, scheduling, and dispatching features. The software considers all trip parameters when choosing a vehicle and only assigns the best fit for the clients’ needs. Its multi-load dispatch function maximizes the use of the NEMT vehicles’ capacity. RouteGenie is a user-friendly NEMT dispatch software that will always be on guard for NEMT providers and their passengers.

Make managing your practice easier than ever with our smart solution!