NEMT Fleet Software

NEMT fleet software, RouteGenie, is a turned-on technology that allows the opportunity to digitize all NEMT operations such as transport driver management, routing and scheduling optimization, and billing operations.

RouteGenie NEMT software is an excellent solution for all related parties: NEMT providers, passengers, and medical caregivers. Medical caregivers will have fewer cancelled appointments, passengers will get perfect service and NEMT providers will enhance their performance and increase their profit.


✓ Keep track of regular maintenance events

FleetGenie will send alerts when maintenance is coming up based on time or mileage so you can make plans to take the NEMT vehicles off the road to perform maintenance.

✓ Receive alerts for failed trip inspections

FleetGenie sends your team an automated alert when a driver marks an item as defective on their pre or post check.

✓ Fill out pre and post checklists for every trip

RouteGenie makes it easy for drivers to complete pre and post checklists, so you’ll always know whether your vehicles need to be serviced or if they’re ready to hit the road.

✓ Pass along vehicle issues to mechanics

Mechanics can view all vehicle details in the maintenance tab of the software, so your vehicles can get serviced as quickly and accurately as possible.

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Keeping fleet in a proper condition is crucial for NEMT businesses. A broken car limits your transportation capabilities, reduces the number of performed trips, and decreases your income. Furthermore, it can blacken your reputation. Taking care of a few vehicles is a feasible task for any transportation provider. The larger your garage becomes, however, the more difficult it turns out to be to manage your fleet and make sure every vehicle is ready to go. Stop trying to keep everything in your head! Manage your fleet in the automatic mode with RouteGenie fleet management software.

You can get a solution that can help you run your NEMT business more effectively and avoid hundreds of disappointing and costly errors – it’s RouteGenie NEMT fleet software. 

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Our team has designed NEMT fleet software that meets all needs of NEMT companies. We considered any and all features which providers might want in their software. Our platform is comprehensive and adjustable per individual needs and expectations of each NEMT provider. NEMT fleet maintenance software will help you route your trips efficiently and cut down on unnecessary vehicles and drivers. This way, the company will decrease its costs. Here is a list of the benefits for those who use our software.

Routing and scheduling trips efficiently

Configure the system to generate routes and schedules for you effectively. The software “knows” how many and what vehicles are needed throughout a day, so it does all the hard work for you!


Choosing the right NEMT vehicle

The software considers passenger’s needs to ensure that the driver is qualified enough, and the vehicle is equipped with everything needed to perform the trip

Economizing fuel and vehicle maintenance

Due to efficiently built schedules and routes, our NEMT maintenance software reduces mileage and improves fuel economy.

Saving on drivers’ labor

The software employs every vehicle’s capacity to use fewer cars.

Enhancing on-time performance

The software considers the proper pick-up and drop-off windows for every trip.

We understand the problems that NEMT providers regularly face. That’s why our team has become concerned about these problems and created RouteGenie NEMT fleet software. It’s comprehensive and customizable; you’ll get everything you need to make the service more comfortable and safe for clients, therefore, fatten the company’s profit.

Keep your fleet in a perfect condition on the fly!