NEMT Routing Software

NEMT routing and dispatch software, RouteGenie, is an up-to-date technology that automates all NEMT operations such as managing trip requests, vehicles, and drivers, and optimizing routing and scheduling.

RouteGenie copes with daily challenges like traffic problems, driver call-offs, cancellations, no shows, will calls, on-demand trips, add-on trips, and more. The software also saves time and effort on the billing processes, so providers get reimbursements faster.


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✓ Save on driver labor

RouteGenie utilizes each NEMT vehicle’s capacity and uses the fewest vehicles possible.

✓ Choose the right NEMT vehicle

RouteGenie considers passenger seating needs and other special needs to make sure the vehicle and driver are qualified to perform each trip that they are assigned.

✓ Improve on-time performance

RouteGenie considers the appropriate pick-up and drop-off windows for each trip.

✓ Stop stressing over routing

RouteGenie does the hard work for you. Simply configure the system to build your routes and go!

✓ Save on NEMT vehicle maintenance and fuel

RouteGenie builds efficient routes that reduce unnecessary driving and waste.

✓ Schedule intelligently

RouteGenie identifies how many vehicles and which vehicles are needed throughout the day so you can build a perfect driver schedule.

Automating NEMT processes enables providers to build optimized routes and schedules, improve dispatch management, streamline billing, develop communication with drivers on the routes, and enhance client service. All in all, our NEMT routing platform is a win-win solution for all stakeholders: passengers, medical caregivers, and NEMT providers. Passengers get excellent service, medical caregivers have fewer cancelled appointments, and NEMT companies improve their performance and boost profits. Even free non-emergency medical transportation routing software will deliver a seamless medical transportation experience for all stakeholders.

Having access to medical appointments is vital to a person’s health and overall well-being, and NEMT ensures that all fragile patients have transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, urgent care, the pharmacy, etc. A whole host of people – disabled, aging seniors, normally healthy people hampered by surgery, injury, or medication – benefit from NEMT services. State Medicaid programs guarantee access to NEMT for the low-income population with transportation issues. NEMT vehicles come with special equipment so that riders can have safe and comfortable trips. 

Unfortunately, like any other transportation industry, NEMT organizations have various problems:

nemt routing routegenie
  • NEMT routing and scheduling are quite time- and labor-consuming if all operations are conducted manually.
  • Human errors – when the company prevalently leans on human resources instead of using up-to-date technologies or certain software, it can lead to frequent, therefore, costly mistakes. This can badly impact the business.
  • Each NEMT provider operates under unique circumstances: mountain areas, rural or urban areas, etc.
  • NEMT providers may deal with multiple funders. If all operations are performed manually, it increases the number of errors. The right software can become quite handy.
  • The structure of Medicaid, Medicare, or another private insurance service differs from state to state, so NEMT companies have to consider all the special aspects to perform efficiently.

Despite the fact that NEMT providers experience dozens of problems every single day, there is an excellent solution on the market! A well-thought NEMT routing software will liquidate human errors, improve the workflow, and digitize all the processes. High-quality technology must be comprehensive, customizable, and satisfy all the needs of NEMT providers of any size and location. Each of these aspects was at the forefront when we were creating our non-emergency medical transportation routing software.

Using this technology, you’ll make your business more productive and profitable. Plus, passengers will be happy with fast and accurate service.

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Our team has created comprehensive NEMT routing software to satisfy the demands of the NEMT companies. The software can generate optimized schedules and routes per individual needs. It cuts down on unnecessary vehicles and drivers to help save your company money. It handles real-time changes and challenges like traffic problems, add-on trips, on-demand trips, no shows, will calls, late cancellations, driver call-offs, vehicle breakdowns, and more.

Streamlining routing

Our software will do the job for you and optimize routes! No more stress over routing! Just set up the system to generate the course and you are good to go!

Increasing effectiveness

The software determines proper pick-up and drop-off windows for each ride, enhancing business effectiveness.

Saving on drivers’ labor

Our software considers patients’ needs to ensure the driver’s qualifications and the type of vehicle are suitable for a particular ride. This way NEMT providers perform efficiently, and there will be no rejected trips.

Optimizing schedules

No more paper-based records, documentation, or systems! Our digitized software assesses each passenger’s needs to determine what kind of vehicle is needed and how many, saving dispatchers time and labor.

Saving on vehicle fuel and maintenance

Due to efficiently built routes and schedules, there will be less unnecessary driving and waste.

Determining the right vehicle

RouteGenie sends real-time messages and updates to the drivers’ app. This way drivers always have consistent information while dispatchers understand where the drivers are and what they are doing.

We’ve created this software with NEMT providers and their passengers in mind. While producing it, we considered all the problems that providers face daily. That’s why our technology completely satisfies NEMT companies’ demands.

Try out the NEMT routing software demo today! It will be that piece you were missing!