How to provide great service as a NEMT Provider


How to provide great service as a NEMT Provider

If you work in the transportation industry, specifically the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Industry, great service is one main aspect that will set you apart from your competitors. Not only will it make your company stand out above the rest, but it is absolutely vital for the growth of your business. 

One key aspect to ensure great service in NEMT is utilizing all of the resources available to you. There are many software programs designed specifically for the industry that will help manage your on-time performance from start to finish. You will want to have a resource that allows you to import your trips directly into the system. This will guarantee accuracy for the day ahead and ensure that your customers have a great experience from the moment their trip is scheduled, to the moment they are dropped off safely back at home. If problems do arise, you will want your dispatchers to be customer service oriented instead of focused on the logistics of the day. The right tool can help you handle the real-time changes and challenges that come up throughout the daylike add on trips, will calls, no shows, cancellations, driver call offs, vehicle breakdowns, etc. This will allow your dispatchers to spend less time on fixing errors and will allow them time to provide better service to your passengers and drivers.

Another way to impress your customers and medical facilities that you deal with, is by being proactive and staying on top of “what’s next.” One way to do this is by interacting with your passengers in advance of their trip to minimize the likelihood of a no-show. Many times, this will happen because your client either doesn’t know how to get a hold of you, forgot about the appointment entirely, or simply doesn’t want to go. Use a software that will let you send reminders to your clients about their upcoming trip and give them the opportunity to confirm or cancel. Once they confirm, continue to give them live updates on their trip when the driver is on the way and when they have arrived at the pick-up location. This will also keep your payers happy as they will know exactly what is happening with their clients and can prepare accordingly.

Providing accurate information to your payers, and in a timely manner, is another key step to having great service as a NEMT provider. Don’t spend the time trying to manage the billing on your own. Utilize technology to help maintain the financial health of your business by making it easy and fast to generate all of your billing. This would include broker billing, 837P files, CMS 1500 forms, paper invoices, and more.

Putting the right resources in place for your team puts them in a position to shine as customer service experts instead of logistics experts that are always stressed and under pressure. Making that change is what separates the NEMT companies that are trying to grow from those that are able to successfully do so!