7/30/2021 2 mins read

How to find NEMT in your area

If you’re looking for non-emergency medical transportation in your area, you might not know where to begin. Requesting a ride is easy once you know the process, but who do you contact? If...

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7/23/2021 2 mins read

How to Expand Your NEMT Business

There comes a point in every NEMT provider’s career when they decide it’s time to expand their operation. This could mean targeting a specific group of passengers (private pay, for instan...

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7/16/2021 2 mins read

How to secure the best NEMT contracts

As an NEMT provider, your biggest goal is to complete as many trips as possible on any given day. While most providers start out small, many strive to grow and eventually offer services n...

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7/9/2021 2 mins read

How to prevent NEMT billing errors

The NEMT trip process all begins with a trip request. A passenger requests a ride, a broker gets in touch with a provider in their area and books the trip—but that’s just the beginning. O...

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