About RouteGenie

RouteGenie is a powerful software for non emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers.  

We believe that NEMT is an incredibly important and helpful solution for individuals that are otherwise unable to use regular transportation to get to their healthcare appointments. These individuals may need a specific type of vehicle  with wheelchair or stretcher access, and may require a medical attendant who can help safely transport the patient.

It is our goal as a transportation software company to help ease the burden many NEMT companies face such as proper scheduling, routing, dispatching, and billing trips. There is nothing worse than running late on your pickup and drop offs and keeping unnecessary vehicles and drivers on the road to attempt to correct the problem, all due to poor planning. 

RouteGenie will help limit the costs associated with your drivers and NEMT vehicles by routing your trips efficiently to cut down on the number of unnecessary vehicles and drivers on the road.

We believe in helping transportation companies, whether they are newly established or looking to improve on the system already in place. From the implementation process, through continued support, we ensure our software meets the unique needs of each of our customers. Backed by an extremely talented development team, we are here for our customers every step of the way. 

Just a Few Reasons Why our Software Stands Out

Reduce Payroll

RouteGenie is designed with NEMT providers in mind. Allow our software to save you time and money; eliminate human error by pre-routeing your trips efficiently, utilize our intelligent dispatching engine, and submit NEMT billing accurately.

Lessen NoShows

RouteGenie allows you to interact with your passengers in advance of their trip to reduce the likelihood of a no show. It even identifies potential no shows for you and can prevent them from being dispatched until a ride confirmation is received!

Auto Dispatching

DispatchGenie helps you handle the real-time changes and challenges that you are presented with throughout the day like add on trips, on demand trips, will calls, no shows, cancellations, driver call offs, vehicle breakdowns, and traffic problems.