1/13/2022 4 mins read

NEMT driver training requirements

Non-emergency medical transportation drivers have difficult but rewarding jobs. Every day, they transport people who are unable to transport themselves to and from important medical appoi...

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12/30/2021 3 mins read

How to complete more NEMT trips per year

At least 3.6 million people miss or delay medical care every year because they don’t have access to or can’t afford proper transportation. This is a staggering number, but one that non-em...

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12/23/2021 3 mins read

Who regulates NEMT providers?

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a Medicaid benefit available to qualifying beneficiaries who don’t have access to transportation. NEMT is responsible for more than 104 mill...

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12/17/2021 2 mins read

Meet the broker: ModivCare

If you’re a non-emergency medical transportation provider, you know that broker relationships are an important part of running a successful business. Every company starts somewhere, so wh...

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12/10/2021 4 mins read

How to reduce no-show passengers

The Medicaid transportation benefit known as non-emergency medical transportation, or NEMT, provides transportation for qualified beneficiaries to and from their healthcare appointments. ...

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