6/18/2021 3 mins read

Tapping into the NEMT industry

Are you ready to become part of a rapidly growing industry? The need for non-emergency medical transportation is on the rise across the country, as citizens continue to age and search for...

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6/4/2021 3 mins read

How to sell an NEMT business

There comes a time when almost every business owner decides to sell their company. Whether they’re pursuing a different path, ready to retire, or stepping away for personal reasons, selli...

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5/28/2021 3 mins read

What is medical billing?

If you work in the healthcare industry, chances are you’ve been asked this question more than a few times: what is medical billing, and how does it work? For medical professionals, the pr...

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5/21/2021 3 mins read

How to prevent common billing denials

When an insurance claim is denied, this means the payer can’t follow through with payment based on the information provided on the initial claim. Medical billing isn’t an easy process, an...

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