NEMT Business Consultations

Are you interested in becoming an NEMT provider but don’t know where to begin?

We get it. Starting your own business can be daunting, so the team at RouteGenie is offering personal consultations to help you start

your journey in the non-emergency medical transportation industry.

Our consultations are designed to set your company up for success. We assess every client’s individual needs, then put together three sessions catered to your personal goals as a future NEMT provider. By the end of your consultation, you’ll have the tools needed to run a successful business.

  • 3 one-hour sessions personalized per individual needs
  • Only $799 for your entire consultation
  • Choose the consultant you want to work with
  • Hit milestones after every session (Obtain EIN, Medicaid Provider ID, vehicles, insurance, etc)

Having access to medical appointments is vital to a person’s health and overall well-being, and NEMT ensures that all fragile patients have transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, urgent care, the pharmacy, etc. A whole host of people – disabled, aging seniors, normally healthy people hampered by surgery, injury, or medication – benefit from NEMT services. State Medicaid programs guarantee access to NEMT for the low-income population with transportation issues. NEMT vehicles come with special equipment so that riders can have safe and comfortable trips. 

Using this technology, you’ll make your business more productive and profitable. Plus, passengers will be happy with fast and accurate service.

nemt software

Consultations Advantages

Consultations are a great way to set yourself ahead of the competition right from the start. Rather than going into your business guessing what tactics will work, talk with the experts at RouteGenie and find out what approach will actually work best for your company. Prepare for success the smart way. Sign up for a consultation today for these advantages:

Streamlining routing

Our software will do the job for you and optimize routes! No more stress over routing! Just set up the system to generate the course and you are good to go!

Increasing effectiveness

The software determines proper pick-up and drop-off windows for each ride, enhancing business effectiveness.

Saving on drivers’ labor

Our software considers patients’ needs to ensure the driver’s qualifications and the type of vehicle are suitable for a particular ride. This way NEMT providers perform efficiently, and there will be no rejected trips.

Optimizing schedules

No more paper-based records, documentation, or systems! Our digitized software assesses each passenger’s needs to determine what kind of vehicle is needed and how many, saving dispatchers time and labor.

Saving on vehicle fuel and maintenance

Due to efficiently built routes and schedules, there will be less unnecessary driving and waste.

Determining the right vehicle

RouteGenie sends real-time messages and updates to the drivers’ app. This way drivers always have consistent information while dispatchers understand where the drivers are and what they are doing.

We’ve created this software with NEMT providers and their passengers in mind. While producing it, we considered all the problems that providers face daily. That’s why our technology completely satisfies NEMT companies’ demands.

Try out the NEMT routing software demo today! It will be that piece you were missing!