NEMT Client Software App

Our NEMT passenger  application gives customers more control over their rides by allowing them to schedule, edit, and cancel, and track upcoming trips. The user-friendly app makes it easy for your customers to manage all of their rides regardless of the funding source

Passengers can get real-time vehicle location, arrival ETAs, and reminder notifications about every trip. It’s convenient for your passengers and saves the rest of your team time, too.


✓ Keep passengers in the know

The RouteGenie NEMT passenger app allows passengers to receive live trip updates as soon as their driver hits the road and when they arrive at the pick-up location. Pre-trip reminders reduce no-shows, prevent scheduling errors, and cut down on unnecessary wait time for your drivers.

✓ Schedule trips from the passenger app

If you’re working with private pay clients who want quick, efficient scheduling, they can easily book rides from within the passenger app.

✓ Collect rider feedback

You’ll be able to create custom categories for your riders to grade their driver on, such as vehicle appearance, driving safety, friendliness, and more!

✓ Interact with passengers

Passengers can voice complaints or concerns about their rides through the app. Our intuitive ticketing system shows your staff all of the open issues so that you can react to passenger feedback. You can even reply to the customer through the app so they know that their satisfaction is important to you.

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Our non-emergency medical transportation passenger app streamlines the scheduling process for customers by putting the control in their hands. Your passengers will love the simplicity of scheduling at their fingertips, and your team will appreciate the extra time they have because of it. The passenger app is included in the purchase of our RouteGenie NEMT software platform. You can also have RouteGenie create your own white-labeled application with your name and branding. 


NEMT providers work hard every day to provide the best service possible to their customers. Non-emergency medical transportation software and a great passenger app makes doing so easier. 


Our RouteGenie NEMT software and passenger application saves both your team and your customers time, and saves you money with 25-30% fewer no-shows. Get ready for an automated NEMT trip planning process and an enhanced client experience with our RouteGenie NEMT software and passenger app.

Our RouteGenie NEMT passenger app lets your clients book and track their rides right from their smartphone or tablet.

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Our team developed the NEMT passenger app as part of our RouteGenie software solution to put the control in the customer’s hands. We know life gets busy, so making it easy for your passengers to manage all of their trips helps make the whole process easier for both you and your passengers.

Simple booking system

Our NEMT passenger app allows clients to request a ride, view upcoming trips, and get notified when a driver is on their way and when they have arrived right within the app.

Enhanced client experience

The software application gives customers an overall positive experience when working with your company. The NEMT client application gives passengers the ability to view a driver’s location, book and rate rides, contact their driver, and receive automated trip reminder notifications.

Real-time trip alerts

Passengers have access to real-time vehicle location information, estimated arrival times, and reminder notifications for every trip, so you reduce the number of no-shows you see and your passengers get to their appointments as scheduled.

Convenient for every type of customer 

Whether you’re dealing with private pay clients or working with brokers to find trips, the RouteGenie passenger app is a great way for all customers to track and manage their trips.

Our experts took common NEMT trip booking challenges into consideration when developing the RouteGenie client software app to make sure we created a product that enhances the customer’s experience with your company.

Improve your customer relationships with RouteGenie!