NEMT Driver App

The DriverGenie NEMT driver app is RouteGenie’s mobile solution for drivers and NEMT providers for real-time data exchange. It streamlines and simplifies trips, vehicle tracking, and shift management.

Due to RouteGenie, providers have the opportunity to receive patient transportation requests, build a perfect driver schedule, and optimize the route. However, our NEMT scheduling software application is far more extensive and goes beyond these functions. What features does RouteGenie non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software offer?


✓ Stop chasing drivers for specific forms
Drivers can be required to complete pre and/or post trip vehicle inspection checklists before they can see trips in the app. The RouteGenie Driver app will also allow your Drivers to take credit card payments and track cash or check payments that they have received right in the vehicle.
✓ Make driver payroll easier than ever
Drivers can clock in and out for their shift right from the RouteGenie Driver App.
✓ Always know where your vehicles are
The RouteGenie Driver App tracks the location of your NEMT driver and reports it back to the office where it is displayed on a map for easy use. Drivers can update the status of each trip as it unfold, giving dispatch clear visibility as to what each driver is doing so they can react accordingly.
✓ Keep using technology simple
The RouteGenie Driver App’s easy to use interface guides your NEMT drivers through their day. The app even has a built in training video to help you get drivers up to speed or to give them a quick refresher training.
✓ Collect required NEMT trip data
Your payers have a lot of demands when it comes to providing them with trip data. The RouteGenie Driver app can collect driver and passenger signatures, timestamps, odometer readings and GPS location data for all of your trips, even if they lose their data connection!
✓ Make sure drivers are in the right place
The pick-up and drop off verification tool keeps track of when drivers arrive and depart each of their stops using GPS tracking and geofence technology.

The DriverGenie mobile app connects drivers to their trips in real time with live updates on the fly while collecting trip data.

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On a daily basis, NEMT drivers can face various difficulties that significantly affect their work efficiency. For example, they have to cope with plenty of paperwork in addition to their direct responsibilities. This is where human errors can cause a serious loss in the company. Other issues include:

Cancellations Traffic issues Problems with often vehicles breaking down On-demand trips Add on trips Faulty scheduling Faulty routing Driver getting lost Driver call-offs Missed pickups No-shows

Designed to address these issues, RouteGenie NEMT software, equipped with an NEMT driver application, helps providers save time, labor, and money. Check out this video to learn more.

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We are aware of issues that NEMT providers and drivers have to deal with daily. That’s why we’ve created a solution for them – the NEMT driver app within RouteGenie NEMT software. It connects drivers to their rides in real-time so that they can get their schedules and routing changes on the fly. Plus, drivers can collect important documents and data, e.g., timestamps, GPS data, signatures, and more. Below, there is a list of advantages for drivers who use our app.


It boasts an intuitive interface that guides drivers through their day. It also features a training video to provide drivers with quick refresher training.

Ensure the driver is in the right place Due to GPS tracking and geofence technology, pick-up and drop off tools keeps track of when drivers arrive and depart.

Compiling required trip information for payers

It collects timestamps, driver and passenger signatures, GPS location data, odometer readings even if a data connection has been lost.

No more chasing drivers for specific forms

The app allows drivers to take credit card payment and track cash or check payments that they receive in the car.

Continuous detection of vehicle location

It shows the vehicle location on the map so that dispatchers know what each driver is doing. Plus, drivers can update each trip status as it unfolds.

Making driver payroll straightforward

Drivers can clock in and out for shifts right from the app, saving lots of time and labor.

Our NEMT driver application develops trip management capabilities and transparency for both drivers and providers. It simplifies drivers’ work and improves the overall transportation experience. High-quality, professional service will definitely satisfy your clients!

Manage your drivers easily with our NEMT driver app!