How to Find Long-Lasting Broker Contracts



Local and Regional Brokers 

NEMT is a Medicaid benefit provided to beneficiaries who aren’t able to drive themselves to and from healthcare appointments. Many local and regional brokers work directly with state Medicaid agencies to set up rides for Medicaid patients. This means getting in touch with brokers in your area is a great way to line up trips right from the start. Be realistic about how many trips you can handle based on the number of vehicles and drivers you have, and remember that your business could grow very quickly if you establish yourself with these brokers. 

Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices, and Other Medical Facilities

Sometimes going straight to the source is the most effective tactic. Your passengers need rides to hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical facilities, so many of these places are willing to sign contracts with NEMT providers for a more seamless transportation process. This might mean you do pick ups and drop offs, or only drop offs, but many medical institutions are happy to team up. 

Retirement Communities and Nursing Homes 

People living in retirement communities may or may not have a vehicle, but it’s definitely a place worth looking into. Nursing homes may have their own transportation service, but if they don’t, they could easily become a profitable place to find regular trips. 

Local Schools

Local schools

This one may seem less obvious, but schools could potentially need NEMT services, too. Many schools need daily transportation options for disabled students, and they might need additional help when it comes to field trips. 

National Brokers 

As your business grows, you’ll want to find new ways to expand and continue increasing trip volume. When you have a big fleet and a reliable team of drivers, you can start looking into contracts with national brokers. These contracts will afford you the opportunity to complete dozens of daily trips, but you shouldn’t dive headfirst into the big broker world—it’s important to first build and establish your business as something unique. 

Take Your Business to the Top With NEMT Routing Software

If you want your business to compete with other well-established companies, investing in non-emergency medical transportation scheduling software is a great way to stand out. Not only does this show brokers that you’re serious about providing the best service possible—it also saves you time and money. Plus, having software with an NEMT broker integration will make your ability to work with brokers even stronger. If you’re ready to find the right NEMT software for your business, schedule your free demo with the RouteGenie team today!    

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