NEMT management software puts you in full control of your business. Our web-based platform makes it easy to manage HR paperwork, ensure licenses are up to date, track driver performance, and more. Whether you’re an industry veteran or you’re just getting started in NEMT, you need reliable software to get the job done right.

NEMT management software is an intelligent technology that allows you to be in full control of all company processes and operations at any time, anywhere. The management module is also created to open more space for NEMT organizations to cooperate with NEMT independent contractors and keep their operations compliant and straightforward. It’ll allow your business to grow and thrive.


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Our RouteGenie management software helps streamline your company’s behind-the-scenes work. You deal with a lot of paperwork at your business, so you need a way to stay organized, track deadlines, calculate payroll, and make sure all HR work is properly conducted.


  • Problem

    HR professionals deal with dozens of important documents every day—storing, processing, and updating employee documents when needed. Doing this by hand is risky and time consuming.

  • Solution

    Our RouteGenie management software makes it easy to collect and manage all HR documents in a secure, HIPAA-compliant system.

  • Problem

    Tracking driver hours, performance, contractor, pay, etc. takes hours when conducted by hand.

  • Solution

    Our RouteGenie NEMT software takes out the guesswork by tracking and calculating hours and pay for you.

  • Problem

    Tracking insurance and license expiration dates, vehicle inspections, training dates, and more can be a hassle.

  • Solution

    Our NEMT software notifies your team when expiration dates are approaching, so you never miss a renewal date again.

Our RouteGenie NEMT HR management software is a multipurpose solution that helps providers and their HR team better manage business operations.

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Our team designed NEMT manager software to help NEMT companies run the best business they can. Our product is both multifunctional and customizable to individual business needs. No matter where you are or how big your business is, RouteGenie can benefit your operation.

  • Manage every document in one place

    Unorganized stacks of paperwork can be extremely overwhelming. RouteGenie stores all documents in one convenient space for easy access.

  • Track certifications and licenses

    The software automatically notifies providers when a driver certification or vehicle registration is going to expire soon.

  • Manage your team

    Our software makes it easy to manage employee files, incoming applications, and onboarding paperwork to ensure everything is handled properly.

  • Track driver performances

    RouteGenie gives you the reporting tools you need to see how drivers are performing by checking efficiency metrics, on-time performance, and passenger ratings.

  • Independent contractor module 

    RouteGenie automatically calculates contractor commission and pay and tracks hours for every pay period.

Our web-based NEMT manager application is accessible from anywhere, so you can run your business wherever is convenient for you. Save time and reduce costs when you invest in our RouteGenie NEMT software!

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