Non-emergency ambulance broker integration software

RouteGenie is an advanced software tool that allows NEMT and non-emergency ambulance companies to synchronize trip data with their brokers for a more efficient process. Our broker management program creates a space for a seamless flow of information between provider and broker, improving the overall quality of the trip. 

Brokers are a huge part of your business, but without the right communication, you can face a number of problems. Since you receive a great deal of trips from brokers, it’s important to stay connected with trip details and payment information to effectively complete the trip and billing portion. If you’re manually sharing information with brokers, you’re dealing with a long, complicated way of communicating that often leads to errors. It’s time to find a better solution. 


✓ Find new trips daily

All new trip requests will show up right in your broker portal for your management.

✓ Automatically complete the next step

When trip requests are found, the system immediately starts scheduling and searching for the right vehicle for every trip.

✓ Connect to multiple payers

It’s easy to manage multiple payers with RouteGenie, even if it’s on the same trip!

✓ Manage cancellations quickly

Our software detects cancelled trips immediately and removes them from a driver’s schedule to prevent wasted time and miles.

✓ Instant trip change alerts

If a trip has been added, altered, or cancelled, you’ll be notified immediately.

✓ Stay in the know

Never miss a schedule change with RouteGenie. Trip updates are changed in real time for the most-up-date data.

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Automating your non-emergency ambulance business is without a doubt the best route to take to success. RouteGenie is the solution you’ve been looking for. Built for a simplified routing, scheduling, and billing process, it’s equipped with a host of features that drive productivity every single day. There’s a lot of different pieces that go into running a successful NEMT business, and even with a talented team behind you, humans can only handle so much. It’s common to have errors come up here and there, but you shouldn’t let it become a habit. Software helps reduce the number of errors you see and increases your productivity, too!

RouteGenie non-emergency ambulance software is customizable to your business’s unique needs!


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We developed non-emergency ambulance broker integration software to ease the stress so many providers face. We looked at various pain points those in the NEMT industry face daily and created a product that becomes a solution for each of them. No matter the size, location, or overall goal of your business, RouteGenie is right for everyone. If you get a majority of your trips from brokers, having an easy way of communicating with them is crucial to your workflow. Our system comes with all of those capabilities and more, including these great advantages:
  • RouteGenie imports every trip and syncs with your brokers for new trips.
  • See how close your next pick up is.
  • Cancellations are immediately removed from the queue to keep schedules current. 
  • Scheduling and dispatching go hand-in-hand. When a trip request comes in, it’s added to a schedule and the software finds the appropriate vehicle. 
  • All trip changes are noted and schedules update in real time. 
  • You’ll be notified instantly of any trip changes.
  • Connect to various different payers across the country.
  • The dashboard is simple to understand and use.
  • Upload credential statuses and relevant documents whenever they’re needed.
The best part about RouteGenie NEMT broker software? You can access it from anywhere! Log into your account from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Wherever you are, RouteGenie is available to make your job easier.

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