What is NEMT software?
NEMT software is a system designed to help transportation providers manage non-emergency medical transportation services. It provides an automated routing and scheduling system for rides, allowing healthcare providers to coordinate patient transportation better. The software also has features for tracking and managing patient logs, billing, and reporting.
What is RouteGenie?
RouteGenie is a modern NEMT software solution built by NEMT providers, for NEMT providers. Our comprehensive system is ideal for both growing and established fleets.
What makes RouteGenie unique?
RouteGenie is an all-encompassing platform that allows providers to manage every aspect of the trip process from start to finish. The software is customizable per business needs to accompany every company’s unique needs.
How long does it take to implement RouteGenie at my business?
RouteGenie’s training process is designed to make sure you understand the platform to its fullest extent. New customers will attend five personalized sessions, and once those sessions are completed successfully, the company is considered fully implemented and ready for launch.
How am I billed for RouteGenie?
RouteGenie is billed on a monthly basis. We accept credit card and check payments.
How often is RouteGenie updated?
RouteGenie releases software updates every other week. These updates may consist of both minor bug fixes and major software updates.
What are the main benefits of using RouteGenie?
RouteGenie saves NEMT providers’ time and money by automating every aspect of the trip process—scheduling, routing, dispatching, and billing—to boost efficiency and profits.
Does RouteGenie help improve fuel economy?
RouteGenie allows you to complete 25% more trips without adding vehicles to your fleet, which means you’ll have fewer vehicles on the road and spend less money on gas!
How many vehicles do I need to use RouteGenie?
RouteGenie doesn’t have a minimum vehicle requirement. Our plans start at just $50/month!
Does RouteGenie offer 24/7 support?
The RouteGenie support team is available via phone and email every weekday from 9-5. The team is available for emergency support after hours.
How much does RouteGenie cost?
RouteGenie starts at just $50/month. We have several pricing options to make sure you can choose the one that fits your specific needs. For more information on pricing, get in touch with our team.
Do you offer a free demo?
We offer a free, expert demo of our software to anyone who’s interested. You will be able to see our system in action and find out how it can improve your operations. Schedule your demo now.


What is NEMT driver app?
The NEMT driver app is a mobile application designed to help drivers of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services stay organized and connected with their clients. The app allows drivers to manage their schedules, keep track of client locations, receive notifications about upcoming rides, and updates, and receive payment for completed trips. NEMT Driver App also gives drivers a channel of communication with customers and the dispatch team to guarantee patient safety, efficiency, and on-time performance.
Does RouteGenie have NEMT driver app?
Yes, the RouteGenie NEMT driver app is available on App Store and Google Play Market. Sign up for RouteGenie and start using our robust app.


Does RouteGenie have a passenger app?
Yes! We have two options: your passengers can use RouteGenie APP which is available in App Store or Google Play Market or we can build a white-label app with your branding. Talk to our NEMT experts to larn more.
Do my passengers need a smartphone?
Nope! Once a trip is booked, passengers will receive reminders via a phone call the day before a trip. If they need to cancel, they can do so at that time.
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