RouteGenie’s NEMT driver app provides a way for NEMT businesses to connect with their drivers in real time. It improves communication between drivers and dispatchers, allows for in-app navigation, and makes collecting payments a breeze.

RouteGenie makes it easy for NEMT drivers to find trip requests, build the perfect driver schedule, and find the best routes for every trip. Check out our driver app’s capabilities below:


  • ✓ Simplified technology

    RouteGenie’s driver app is easy to use and helps drivers navigate every NEMT trip with ease.

  • ✓ Automatically collect trip data

    The driver app collects timestamps, odometer readings, and GPS location data for every trip, even if the data connection is lost. 

  • ✓ Track your vehicles 

    The driver app is equipped with GPS software to track the location of all your vehicles as soon as they hit the road. This allows dispatchers to follow trips to completion and make real-time changes when needed.

  • ✓ Make sure trips are completed on time

    The pick-up and drop-off verification tools track when drivers arrive to and depart from each stop, so you always know if trips are completed on time.

  • ✓ Complete pre and post-trip checklists

    The RouteGenie NEMT driver app allows drivers to easily complete pre and post-trip checklists for every trip. This helps drivers catch any possible vehicle problems and address them as soon as possible.

The NEMT driver app can receive trip updates in real time to ensure optimum performance with every trip.

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Every day, NEMT providers and drivers face a number of challenges that impact their productivity. From incorrect paperwork and unmet deadlines, human error can become a serious detriment to your business. Common problems include:

No-shows Bad traffic Vehicle breakdowns Add-on trips Poor scheduling Inefficient routing Lost drivers Driver call-offs Missed pickups Get a Demo

Our RouteGenie NEMT software, featuring a built-in driver application, helps providers improve their performance and save time and money. Check out this video for an in-depth look at our driver app.

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We know NEMT providers and drivers face a variety of problems every day. That’s why we created a modern, comprehensive driver app connected directly to our software platform. The NEMT mobile app allows for seamless communication between driver and dispatcher, so that real-time trip changes can be made if needed. The driver app allows drivers to collect timestamps, GPS data, passenger signatures, and more.

  • Easy-to-use

    The driver app’s intuitive interface helps drivers take on their day’s trips with ease.

  • Track driver locations

    Built-in GPS makes tracking a driver’s location simple. Follow a NEMT trip in real time and make sure every pick up and drop off is completed on time.

  • Collect important trip data

    The driver app automatically collects timestamps, GPS data, odometer readings, and makes it easy to grab passenger signatures right in the app.

  • Accept cash, credit, and check payments

    Drivers can complete the transaction as soon as the trip ends by collecting cash, credit, or check payments through the NEMT driver app when you add our private module to your account.

  • Private pay module

    Secure more private pay clients than ever before. The driver app makes it easy to track payments, alert drivers when they need to collect, and process credit card payments in seconds.

  • Optional automated calling system

    Once your drivers hit the road, a call is automatically sent to the passenger to let them know the driver is en route.

Our NEMT driver application is the ultimate trip management application  for drivers. It helps drivers provide better service to clients, and gives drivers and dispatchers a direct line of communication for any last-minute trip changes. See what it’s all about when you book a demo with our NEMT software experts.

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