Data-Driven Decisions: Maximizing Efficiency With RouteGenie's Analytics Tools

Data-Driven Decisions: Maximizing Efficiency With RouteGenie's Analytics Tools

Across the US, transportation barriers constitute a significant hurdle for patients who need access to healthcare. As many as 3.6 million Americans miss or delay non-emergency medical care every year because they lack transportation options. 

This is where non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services can step in. NEMT providers bridge the gap between doctors and their patients who lack their own vehicles or means of conveyance. 

This article will explore ways NEMT businesses can improve their performance by harnessing the power of digital transformation.


Using Technology to Upgrade NEMT Services

There is a demand for NEMT services all year round. Data from Medicaid reveals there were more than 60 million ride-days (where a patient uses NEMT services) throughout 2018. 

NEMT providers offer a vital service to the country’s healthcare system, which is why it’s so important that they invest in the right business tools. NEMT software can enhance these companies’ operational efficiency, allowing them to better serve their growing customer demographic of aging US citizens.

Adopting the right NEMT software can improve your business in many key areas. It automates and streamlines critical processes like appointment scheduling, vehicle routing, patient billing, broker integration, and more. 

With modern NEMT software like RouteGenie, your NEMT company also gains access to in-depth analytics about your operations. 

If you want to chart a data-driven path toward growth for your NEMT business, choose software that helps you in the ways covered below:

  1. Improve Routing Efficiency

Improve Routing EfficiencyEvery NEMT vehicle needs to follow a planned route. This benefits both the provider and the patient, and NEMT software optimizes vehicle routes, bringing down fuel consumption rates and improving travel times for passengers. It’s a win-win situation, with businesses reducing operational costs and patients enjoying a better experience. 

For smaller NEMT businesses, route optimization is even more important. With fewer vehicles to send out on pick-ups, these companies need to increase the number of trips each vehicle can complete per day. 

With efficient NEMT software to optimize vehicle routes, you can increase trips by 25% while reducing billing and dispatching labor costs by up to 50%.

  1. Streamline Dispatching Operations

Trip scheduling and dispatching are the central hubs of every NEMT business. With NEMT software, you can automate manual processes related to planning and assigning trips. This reduces the amount of trip delays and cancellations. 

NEMT software that autonomously handles dispatching saves a lot of time since drivers don’t have to make needless trips. In turn, more efficient dispatching leads to increased revenue for your business. The way automatic dispatching cuts down travel times also contributes to a much better experience for patients who have booked trips.

  1. Simplified Fleet Management

As your NEMT business grows, the number of customers you serve will increase. You will need to expand your vehicle fleet to continue providing prompt, reliable, and safe NEMT services to your clients. Perhaps you might need to add a new fleet of vehicles with added NEMT features, such as room for a stretcher or on-board medical equipment. NEMT software with fleet management functionality will be a great help in ensuring you are getting maximum value from all your vehicles.

Fleet management solutions in NEMT software also provide real-time visibility. Through GPS, you can monitor your entire fleet’s movements and whereabouts. If any vehicles in your fleet should experience delays, you will be able to track them and dispatch a replacement vehicle through the software.

  1. Error-Free Claim Management

Error-Free Claim ManagementSince NEMT services are covered by Medicaid and private payers, filing insurance claims is a key revenue stream for your business. Manually submitting these claims can be a painstaking and inefficient approach, with avoidable human errors resulting in rejected claims.

You can stabilize this vital source of revenue by using NEMT software for claim management. Most effective NEMT software is designed to make billing and insurance claims as seamless as possible. They generate claims based on the details of a patient’s visit, filling in the requisite billing codes with greater accuracy than manual methods. NEMT software will make rejected claims a thing of the past for your company. 

  1. Detailed, Insightful Reporting

Every time a patient uses NEMT services, they generate data that can be used to improve the service going forward. One of the most significant advantages of NEMT software is that it lets you capture this data and view it in an easily understandable format. This makes NEMT software ideal for in-depth reporting about the business’ operational efficiency. 

With access to the insights found in NEMT data, you can make informed decisions for your operations.

Upgrade Your NEMT Operations With the Right Analytics Tool

The need for NEMT businesses to embrace digital transformation grows more urgent every year. The US NEMT industry is set for a period of continued growth, going from a $5.65 billion market value in 2021 to a projected value of $10.25 billion by 2028. Two main factors drive this growth:

  • A growing demographic of aging Americans
  • Technological advances in NEMT software

By investing in software that takes their operations to the next level, NEMT businesses like yours can find a route to prosperity

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