Introducing an all-in-one solution to supercharge PACE program transportation. Our software adds more flexibility to fixed routes, allows for last-minute adjustments, and streamlines dispatching — ensuring patients get access to critical care without delay.

  • Routing

    Decrease vehicle mileage, and cut down driver costs with optimized routes.

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    Reduce scheduling time from 6+ hours to 45 minutes a day*.

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    Bottom Lines

    Witness a 48% growth* in the number of completed trips without increasing fleets.

*Based on a case study by Great Lakes PACE program


A modern software, RouteGenie can automate various aspects of healthcare transportation — including scheduling, routing, dispatching, or billing processes. These features shine through in our PACE transport applications, which are available for both the driver as well as the passenger or caretaker

Improving on-time performance|


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    Detailed Record-Keeping

    Every ride comes with detailed timestamps, geolocation, and breadcrumb trails

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    EHR Systems Integration

    Electronic Health Records can be seamlessly updated on our unique PACE transportation application

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    GPS Trip Confirmation

    Volunteer NEMT drivers never have to miss a beat! All trips are confirmed with real-time GPS

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    Customizable Workflows

    Volunteer NEMT drivers can benefit from customizable workflows that fit their needs

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    Passenger Application

    Passengers can check upcoming trip details, get live alerts and vehicle location information

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    In-Vehicle Driver App

    Give drivers greater control over their trips and communicate easily with the back office

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    Phone & Text Trip Alerts

    Remind clients about their trip and provide all ETA notifications automatically

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    Route Crunching Suggestions

    Optimize your journeys by making smart route suggestions, saving time and money

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    HIPAA-Compliant Features

    Protect all sensitive passenger information with our HIPAA-compliant privacy features



PACE Transportation departments, as NEMT providers, have a lot riding on their shoulders. They don’t just transport the elderly and people with disabilities from one point to another. Instead, they must provide holistic services to ensure their passengers reach all appointments on time.

RouteGenie’s software can help PACE centers ease this process. Here’s how:

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    PACE organizations often deal with fixed routes. But, several issues can still cause delays — such as a driver falling sick or a vehicle breaking down. Even a short delay can throw a wrench in the works when dealing with critical patients. Our PACE transportation software allows for greater flexibility — letting program members swap shifts or adjust routes accordingly

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    With our software, transportation services automate dispatching, ensuring it is done well in advance. By receiving real-time updates on passengers and drivers, all changes in routes or scheduling can be updated immediately. This ensures no time or fuel is wasted

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    Real-Time Tracking

    With accurate information about the location of all drivers and vehicles, NEMT providers can ensure that all their services are carried out correctly and accurately. As GPS compliance becomes more integral to PACE scheduling, such software is the future

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    Powerful Ad-Hoc Reporting

    With RouteGenie you can create customized reports. Our transportation software allows you to capture over 600 different fields and produce your own ad hoc reports that can be plugged into your analysis systems

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    Vehicle Selection

    PACE transportation for seniors involves having the right vehicles on hand at all times. Patients in wheelchairs, for instance, need special mobility vehicles — others may need Oxygen tanks or stretchers. PACE software ensures the most suitable transportation is always provided

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    Transport scheduling is complicated, especially when dealing with patients who require critical care. Our software ensures that all fleets run effectively, with scheduling done in a matter of hours if you have a big trip volume. This works in the favor of the provider, driver, and patient


Our comprehensive and customizable solution was designed to ensure Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) transportation departments help their clients reach appointments safely and on time!

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Without the right software, NEMT businesses face various issues.

Time-consuming manual routing, scheduling, dispatching, and billing
RouteGenie’s completely automated transportation software
Consistent human errors prove to be too costly
RouteGenie’s accurate and automated fleet management solutions
Worried about maintaining passenger privacy and Protected Health Information?
Passenger privacy matters. Protect PHI with our HIPAA-compliant software

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Why our clients love us
Chase L. Parallax Transport LLC

Making the switch to RouteGenie really helped us take our operation to a new level. Our scheduling tasks take a fraction of the time and we're seeing much more efficient routes and we're able to make much better dispatching decisions on the fly and do it faster than with our old software. These two things allowed us to increase our trip volume by about 20% and we didn't even need to put more vehicles on the road to do it. We recommend RouteGenie to anyone that wants to be more efficient and grow their business without big increases in your overhead.

Raphael R. Mercedes Cab Company, Inc.

RouteGenie stood out for us amongst the competitors because of their responsive support and ability to quickly customize their platform.

Mitch T. Life Fleet

RouteGenie has helped us manage our routes in a much more efficient manner compared to our last software. We are able to control labor better, and we are able to look up past reservations quickly and easily, in case we need to reference notes such as which van/driver it was assigned to, what time it was completed, any Dry Run notes, etc. Support staff is typically very quick in answering my questions/problems, and if they don't know the answer right away, they shoot it up to their developers right away, without me having to ask. Overall I am very happy with my experience using RouteGenie over the last year+

Jim D. Speedy Medical Transport

Here are a few things that I like about our RouteGenie System: the integrated private pay function is excellent, seamless integration with in-vehicle tablets, continued improvement as new features are added.

Carlos M. Sol Transportation

RouteGenie is extremely impressive, high tech, and user friendly. I couldn't be more pleased!

Kristin P. SCR Medical Transportation

Driver Efficiency has increased tremendously since implementation as well as the dispatchers' ability to locate drivers. The RouteGenie product is one of the most user-friendly platforms I have seen. The level of support the RouteGenie staff provides during integration is amazing.

Lisa R. KBC Express Courier Service LLC

Our company KBC Express has used RouteGenie software for over a year. It's intuitive, user friendly, and cost effective.

Mindi K. Kaizen Health

We feel confident that we can tackle any routing challenge we encounter now that we're using RouteGenie

Andrew B. Hospital to Home LLC

RouteGenie made adding vehicles and scaling our business a breeze. Our fleet has doubled in size in less than a year and it was easy!

Andrew S. Goodwheels

RouteGenie has significantly lowered intake times and increased dispatch productivity. We're able to take more trips and service our customers better! It's night and day from every other software that we've used.

Noah N. Elite Care Transports

RouteGenie has been an absolute game changer for our company, Elite Care Transports. To have this much integration and innovation under one platform has given us tremendous value and we could not be more grateful for the impact they've made in the NEMT industry.

Kelnisha W. Demitri Transportation LLC

RouteGenie's dispatching is very easy to use and works seamlessly. We're saving at least 5 hours a week in deadhead driving time using RouteGenie's dispatching suggestions. The billing has also been a huge for us. We've cut our billing time in half and reduced denials, rejections, and errors by about 25%. We strongly recommend RouteGenie if you are trying to improve your efficiency and push your business forward!

Daniel C. Cabby Shack LLC

Our experience with RouteGenie's support team has been fantastic! They're available via phone 24/7 and any time we call with a question or issue, it's resolved in minutes!

Michael P. AmeriCare Mobility Van Inc.

RouteGenie has allowed us to implement a platform that is contemporary, adaptable, and customizable.

Brian T. A&D Transport Svc

As a larger transportation company, RouteGenie really gives us the perfect combination of advanced features, reliability, and awesome support. We have everything we need, it doesn't go down all the time like our old software, and the support team is always ready to help us when we need it!

Rebecca B. On Lok

Working with RouteGenie has been an absolute pleasure. Their team of skilled professionals is not only knowledgeable in their field but also dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and support. They took the time to understand our unique needs and continue to develop a tailored solution to assist us in providing efficient and effective transportation for our participants.

Ivan E. Furaat Inc

We have been working with RouteGenie for two years now and we are very happy with the decision we have made. Software is constantly being enhanced and improved, account managers are engaged and interactive to ensure the best possible experience with their product. If you are looking for software that is robust, flexible, and reliable - get in touch with RouteGenie today!

Stephen N. 360 Quality Care + Transport

We made both financial and time investments in order to improve our dispatching productivity, gain better insight into our business, and better scale for future growth. We've already seen the benefits and have yet to explore some of the system's more value-added functionalities. We are really excited to partner with RouteGenie as we continue to expand our business.

Sherina T. Great Lakes PACE

RouteGenie has reduced the time it takes to create schedules from 6 hours to 45 minutes. It has helped us manage our drivers: we know where they are, which trips have been completed, who's on lunch, etc. The help desk has been amazing, resolving any issues we experience in a timely manner!

Jim I. MediCab Of Rochester Inc

RouteGenie has automated many of the functions that we had to do manually before. It saves time during billing, call intake, and dispatching. While the cost was more than what we have previously paid for other software, the RouteGenie software is much more powerful and more all-encompassing.

Mariah R. JusTranzit School Bus, Inc.

I just want to write on behalf of JusTranzit and say that RouteGenie has saved us a lot of time and money. Between making it easier to schedule rides for our customers, calling customers in advance to give them their pick up times with the option to confirm or cancel, as well as being able to alert drivers of their schedule and of any trip changes in the click of a button! Getting in contact with support is super easy, along with no unnecessary wait times, making it convenient to get fast answers right away. Even the times you aren’t able to get an immediate answer, they contact you within a decent amount of time and you are never pushed off. They are always available to assist in a timely manner. It has also assisted us with being able to keep track of our drivers as they’re delivering our members to and from their destinations. RouteGenie has been nothing less of an extraordinary choice for our company. Thank you, RouteGenie!

Maria G. El Concilio

El Concilio is a non-profit organization, and one of the programs we provide is Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to medical appointments, health classes, and access to healthy food. As a non-profit organization, data reporting is key to sustaining grants from our funders. Before using RouteGenie, all transportation services were handwritten on paper. This method of data collection was time-consuming, inadequate, and unsystematic. RouteGenie has given us access to detailed reports that we've never been able to record before. The ability to provide client demographics, average distance from point A to point B, and census data is crucial in showing the program's progression. The continuation of any non-profit program depends on the ability to provide data on its success or challenges. RouteGenie captures this data, allowing us to analyze trends that prove the program's necessity and its uses. Data management has become effortless and straightforward. With this application, our program has seen an increase in clientele, highlighting the essential need for the transportation program in our city. RouteGenie has provided a foundation, backed by data, showing our funders that transportation is a vital component in their efforts to improve healthy lives.




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