RouteGenie is a modern NEMT routing and dispatch software system that automates every aspect of the NEMT trip process including managing trip requests, selecting the right vehicles, scheduling drivers, and optimizing routing and dispatching.

RouteGenie combats daily challenges like traffic issues, driver call-offs, cancellations, no-shows, add-on trips, and more by quickly adjusting trip schedules and routes.


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  • ✓ Save on driver labor

    RouteGenie assess each trip for multiloading possibilities to use the fewest vehicles possible.

  • ✓ Choose the right NEMT vehicle

    The system considers every passenger’s individual needs, vehicle schedules, vehicle start location, and more to guarantee the best vehicle and driver are chosen.

  • ✓ Build better schedules

    Use as few drivers and vehicles as possible throughout the day. RouteGenie finds multiload trips to cut down on driver labor and vehicle wear and tear.

  • ✓ Stop stressing over routing

    Manual routing takes hours. RouteGenie maps out the best route in seconds, so once your drivers hit the road they’re ready to go.

  • ✓ Save on NEMT vehicle maintenance and fuel

    RouteGenie builds efficient routes that reduce miles driven and fuel used. RouteGenie customers often find they can even complete the same number of trips with fewer vehicles, taking as much as 20% of their fleet off the road, creating massive savings on overhead.

  • ✓ Improve on-time performance

    Find the best pick-up and drop-off windows for each trip to ensure drivers are on time.

RouteGenie makes it easy for providers to build optimized routes and schedules, improve dispatch management, streamline billing, communicate with drivers during trips, and provide a better passenger experience. RouteGenie is an all-in-one solution for NEMT businesses looking to simplify their daily tasks and see better results fast. Non-emergency medical transportation routing software delivers a seamless experience for all who use it. 

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Having access to medical appointments is vital to a person’s health and well-being, so NEMT ensures that everyone has transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, urgent care, the pharmacy, etc. A whole host of people – disabled citizens, aging seniors, normally healthy people hampered by surgery, injury, or medication – benefit from NEMT services. NEMT software is a solution that allows providers to offer the best trip experience possible.

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NEMT providers may face a number of issues on any given day:

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  • NEMT routing and scheduling can take hours when done by hand.
  • Human errors are common when operations are conducted manually.
  • Different geographic locations (urban and rural areas) impact the way a business operates.
  • Manual billing, routing, and scheduling leads to more errors, which can lead to significant financial loss over time. 
  • Medicaid regulations vary from state to state, so NEMT providers have to make sure they’re informed of all rules before operating in their specific state.
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Running your own NEMT business is a challenging venture, but luckily, there’s a solution that makes it much more manageable. NEMT routing software reduces human errors, improves the overall workflow at your company, and automates all aspects of the NEMT trip process. RouteGenie is a comprehensive solution that serves NEMT providers of any size, in any location. We’re constantly updating our product to meet new and emerging needs and offer customers the best non-emergency medical transportation routing software on the market .

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RouteGenie makes your business more productive and profitable while keeping passengers happy with on-time pick-ups.

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Our team created a modern NEMT routing software to meet the ever-growing demands of the NEMT industry. RouteGenie generates optimized schedules and routes to save on time, while also reducing the number of vehicles on the road to save on maintenance and fuel costs. It can quickly and accurately address real-time trip adjustments to get passengers to their appointments safely and on time.

  • Simplified routing

    RouteGenie does the heavy lifting and finds the simplest, most efficient routes for every trip.

  • Enhanced pick-up and drop-off windows

    The system identifies the best pick-up and drop-off windows for each ride to ensure your passengers get to their appointments on time.

  • Find the right driver for every trip

    It’s important that a driver is qualified to meet a passenger’s individual needs. RouteGenie finds the best driver to perform each trip.

  • Optimizing schedules

    Scheduling a day’s worth of trips shouldn’t take an entire day. RouteGenie builds the most efficient schedules in just seconds.

  • Save on vehicle fuel and maintenance

    Fewer vehicles on the road means less fuel used and less wear and tear on your vehicles.

  • Communicate with drivers in real time

    RouteGenie makes communication between dispatchers and drivers a seamless possibility due to the functionality of the Driver App designed for NEMT. If a route needs to change because of unforeseen circumstances, dispatchers can adjust and re-route drivers instantly.

RouteGenie is developed with NEMT providers and their passengers in mind. Built to combat the daily challenges drivers and dispatchers face, our product is great for NEMT businesses of all sizes.

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