RouteGenie is a state-of-the-art NEMT paratransit software system that automates and optimizes every aspect of the NEMT process, including dispatching, routing, scheduling, and billing.

  • ✓ Routing

    RouteGenie builds the perfect routes, conquering daily challenges like traffic problems, vehicle breakdowns, no-shows, add-on trips, driver call-offs, cancellations, and more.

  • ✓ Dispatching

    Our software uses an industry-leading algorithm to choose the right vehicle and driver for every trip. Never send the wrong type of vehicle out again.

  • ✓ Scheduling

    Streamline your scheduling process with software that does the heavy lifting for you.


The RouteGenie paratransit software solution boasts a number of incredible features that help providers offer exceptional service to their passengers.

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    Paratransit scheduling and dispatching software makes scheduling possible in just seconds. RouteGenie’s unique algorithm automatically adjusts to account for any trip changes or multiloading opportunities. On average, software decreases the number of miles driven by 20%

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    RouteGenie reduces your cost of billing by 50% with an entirely automated process. It’s easy to bill both Medicaid and private pay clients directly within the system, so no matter which payers you’re working with, you can bill everyone electronically. The software checks all claims for errors before submitting to prevent rejected and denied claims and get you your reimbursements faster.

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    Data import and export

    NEMT providers may receive trips from a variety of different payers. Having one place to view all trip requests in a cohesive way is important in running a successful business. RouteGenie paratransit software helps you seamlessly manage trip imports and data exports

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    Fleet management

    In order to properly run your business, you need a healthy, reliable fleet. With RouteGenie NEMT paratransit software, it’s easier than ever to track the condition of your vehicles.

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    NoShow management

    RouteGenie reduces the number of no-shows you see by 25-30% with our automated call system, saving your drivers time and your entire business money.

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    HR management

    RouteGenie paratransit NEMT software makes it easy to manage your employees. Everything from their new hire documents, drivers license, insurance information, commissions, and more is stored within the system.

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    Customer app

    Passengers want transparency, and that’s exactly what they get with the RouteGenie customer app. The client app makes it easy for passengers to book trips on their own, view trip information, and communicate with drivers.

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    If you aren’t using paratransit dispatch software, you aren’t finding the most efficient routes. RouteGenie automatically makes dispatching decisions and finds multiloading rides in real time for the most efficient process possible.

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    Driver app

    The RouteGenie driver app guides NEMT drivers through their day, keeping them in constant contact with dispatchers so they can receive updates in real time. Drivers can view their schedule within the driver app and can even collect payments within the app.

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Our RouteGenie paratransit software exists to make running an NEMT business easier. Scheduling and billing by hand isn’t a sustainable process, so we built a product that automates every aspect of planning a NEMT trip. Your business can become more efficient when you invest in paratransit software. Are you ready?

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    Optimized vehicle selection

    If you’re picking up a passenger in a wheelchair, you need a vehicle that’s wheelchair compatible. RouteGenie makes sure every passenger is matched with the NEMT vehicle that best suits their needs.

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    Efficient scheduling

    Our RouteGenie paratransit scheduling software helps providers spend less time preparing the perfect schedules with an automated algorithm. The system assesses all available drivers and vehicles for the day and books trips based on capacity, location, and more.

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    Complete more trips per day

    RouteGenie paratransit software considers each vehicle’s capacity and adds multiloading trips whenever possible. This way, your drivers can complete more trips per day without wasting time and fuel driving back and forth from their headquarters.

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    Real-time trip adjustments

    If your driver is in the middle of a trip and a dispatcher finds a better route, they’ll make updates in real-time so your driver can adjust and get there faster.

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    Saves on maintenance and fuel

    RouteGenie paratransit dispatch software reduces the amount of vehicles and drivers on the road to save you money on overall vehicle costs.

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    Improved on-time performance

    Our software system intelligently schedules and routes trips to ensure every passenger arrives on time. It identifies the best pick-up and drop-off windows for every trip.

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    Fast reimbursements

    Since electronic reimbursements are paid before paper ones, you’ll receive your reimbursements faster than ever before.

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