The RouteGenie driver app is a mobile solution that allows drivers and NEMT providers to communicate in real time. The app makes it easy to simplify trips, track vehicles, and manage schedules. 

RouteGenie is a modern software tool that makes it easy for providers to get trip requests, build an efficient driver schedule, and find the best routes for every trip. Our platform does this and so much more to help you run a successful NEMT business. 


  • ✓ Drivers’ jobs are easier than ever

    When drivers complete their pre or post-trip vehicle inspection, it’s easy to record any findings right in the app. Plus, the app allows drivers to complete credit card payments right on the spot and makes it simple to track cash or check payments.

  • ✓ Collect trip data

    Payers need solid trip data to properly reimburse your claims. The RouteGenie driver app collects driver and passenger signatures, timestamps, odometer readings, and GPS location information for every trip.

  • ✓ Let technology guide your day

    The RouteGenie driver app makes your drivers’ jobs easier. The app also offers a built-in training video to give drivers a refresher anytime they need one.

  • ✓ Track every trip

    The app lets you see when drivers arrive at their pick up point and depart using GPS tracking and geofence technology, so you can see that every trip is completed properly.

  • ✓ Track vehicle locations

    View the location of all your vehicles during every trip to ensure everything is completed as requested.

  • ✓ Simplified payroll

    Drivers clock in and out for their shifts right in the driver app.

The RouteGenie driver app allows drivers to stay on top of trip information by providing real time updates.

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Non-emergency ambulance drivers face various problems every day. From monitoring trip statuses and entering passenger data to dealing with possible cancellations and no shows, they have a lot to handle. RouteGenie can make these tedious tasks simpler. 

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Save time and money, deal with fewer errors, and increase your business’s productivity with RouteGenie.

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We know non-emergency ambulance providers and drivers deal with a variety of challenges each day, so we created a solution. The RouteGenie driver app keeps drivers connected to providers and dispatchers for real-time updates on trip information. Read on for more advantages that come from using our driver app.

Complete every ePCR right in the RouteGenie driver app

Recording accurate ePCR is crucial for every trip, and the RouteGenie driver app makes it simple. Your drivers can quickly and easily plug in the passenger’s age, gender, reason for the trip, medical history, and more in seconds. The ability to create ePCR within our software allows a more efficient process for both your team and the medical officials who will treat the passenger at their drop off point. With the driver app, it’s easy to streamline and simplify your record keeping.

Easily create an ePCR for every trip

Our driver app makes it simple to capture a variety of patient data in real time. Input a passenger’s name, medical history, medical symptoms, medication, and more in seconds. Once the report is complete, data can securely be sent to the hospital while the trip is in progress for a seamless transfer of information. Boost your business’s efficiency when you generate ePCRs in the RouteGenie Driver App.

  • Easy-to-use

    The app’s modern, intuitive interface is easy to use and helps guide drivers through their day. It also features a training video and reference information when drivers need a quick refresher. 

  • Track trip progress

    GPS tracking and geofence technology lets you see when drivers arrive and depart from their pick up and drop off locations.

  • Store all trip information in one place

    The system collects timestamps, driver and passenger signatures, GPS location data, odometer readings, and more, even without an Internet connection.

  • Payment made easy

    Drivers can collect credit card payments once the trip is completed and track cash or check payments through the app.

  • Track a vehicle’s location

    Check where your drivers are at any time and ensure every trip is completed properly and on time.

  • Manage your payroll

    Drivers can clock in and out right from the app for a simplified payroll process.

Our non-emergency ambulance driver application is designed to make your job easier. With features to tackle every part of a driver’s day, your overall operation will experience a massive productivity increase with our product. 

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