How to Find NEMT in Your Area

How to Find NEMT in Your Area


Nationwide Brokers 

Nationwide brokers are the biggest and typically harder for providers to secure contracts with. They operate all over the US, though, so if you’re a passenger, it’s likely you’ll end up using one of these brokers at some point. 

Regional Brokers

Regional brokers operate in clusters across the country. For instance, some only operate on the west coast while others focus on the east coast, and so on. Regional brokers often have contracts with state providers, making them easy to get in contact with. If you’re an NEMT provider, regional brokers are good to seek out as a mid-level option. 

State and Local Brokers 

State and local brokers 

These brokers operate locally, either at a state level, county level, or even city level. It’s convenient to find a quick, local trip with these types of brokers, and it’s a good place for beginning NEMT providers to start looking for contract opportunities. Local brokers are much smaller than nationwide and regional brokers, so they might not have the capacity to do as many trips, but there’s a good chance they’ll be available when you need them. 

Make the Most of Every Trip With NEMT Software

Non-emergency medical transportation software is important for both passengers and providers alike. These programs ensure every trip is completed properly and on time, all while finding the best vehicles and routes every time. If you’re a provider who’s ready to commit to software, get in touch with RouteGenie to book your demo today! 

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