How to Secure the Best NEMT Contracts



Here’s Where to Find the Most Reliable NEMT Passengers 

If you’re struggling with where to find new NEMT passengers, you’re probably overthinking things. Many people who take advantage of NEMT are older, so it’s a safe bet that you’ll find them in places like nursing homes and retirement communities. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the best places to find new contracts. 


Brokers are one of the best ways to start looking for more trip opportunities. You can find brokers who are local, regional, and national, and each one affords a unique opportunity for your business. Signing contracts with a mix of all three puts your business in a great position to receive a constant flow of trips. 

Local Organizations 

Local organizations 

There’s a great deal of opportunity in your own community. Visiting nursing homes, assisted living facilities, retirement communities, hospitals, and other medical facilities gets your business name out there, and makes it very accessible for those who live in or frequent these places. 

Private Pay 

Private pay clients could potentially become your most profitable ones. Since these passengers don’t pay for NEMT through Medicaid, there’s a lot more room for you to choose your own pricing and work directly with the client to establish costs for recurring trips and more. 

Schedule Trips With Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software 

Don’t leave your trip process up to chance. Invest in a software platform that automates your scheduling, billing, dispatching, and routing today! Book your RouteGenie demo to see how we can improve your business. 

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