The Benefits of Route Optimization

The benefits of route optimization


Reduce Fuel Cost

Fuel prices are constantly rising and falling, but the one thing that remains the same throughout is that we all want to cut back on the amount of fuel we’re using. Less fuel burned is better for both the environment and our bank accounts, so finding a best practice to make that happen is key. Route optimization software pinpoints the most efficient routes for every single trip to avoid bad traffic and indirect routes that prevent your passengers from arriving at their appointments on time. Additionally, software searches for multiload opportunities every time a trip is dispatched to cut down on the number of vehicles on the road at any given time. With this kind of efficiency, you’re sure to reduce fuel use and cut costs.

Improve Trip Scheduling

If you’re scheduling trips by hand, it’s time to find a better method. Your time is valuable, but unfortunately, scheduling trips on paper is a slow process. Investing in software means your trip requests are automatically placed into the system as soon as they’re received. The system starts searching for the best driver and vehicle for every trip request as soon as it’s accepted. This way, your trips are scheduled ahead of time so if any changes need to be made, there’s ample time to make them work. 

Reduce Maintenance Costs

routing software helps maximize each vehicle, so that you’re using fewer every day

Less time on the road means less wear and tear on your vehicle. By optimizing your routes, you keep your fleet healthy, need less maintenance overall, and can ultimately have these vehicles in your fleet for a longer amount of time. You might assume that running a transportation business means driving your vehicles into the ground, but routing software helps maximize each vehicle, so that you’re using fewer every day. 

Prioritize Driver and Passenger Safety

Even when you hire trustworthy, experienced drivers, accidents can still happen if drivers end up in dangerous situations. Route optimization helps drivers avoid risky routes by reducing left turns, U-turns, and more when possible. Additionally, software examines traffic patterns to avoid areas with heavy traffic and accidents, making real-time adjustments if drivers are en route to run into these things. These system features keep your drivers and passengers safe and ensure that every trip is completed on time. 

Monitor Trips in Real Time

As an NEMT provider, you want to make sure your trips are being carried out as planned. Instead of waiting for your drivers to return to home base, you can watch the trip unfold in real time via the software. See where the driver is, if they’re on track to arrive on time, and verify that they’re on the best route. If you want to make changes, it’s easy to adjust the route in the system, which then alerts the driver that they have trip changes. Also, if there are last-minute multiload opportunities, you can quickly add those to the trip and alert the driver of their new pick ups. 

Boost Customer Satisfaction 

leaving any comments about problems they experienced so you can address those right away

Your passengers have places to be, and when they book a trip with your company, they expect to arrive on time and without interruption. Planning your trips with routing software increases approval rates among your clients. Your passengers even have the opportunity to rate their trip via the passenger app, leaving any comments about problems they experienced so you can address those right away. 

Reduce Billing Errors 

Billing errors are a huge detriment to your bottom line. Route optimization software simplifies the billing process from start to finish. The system automatically inputs your data, scans for errors in every claim, and submits within minutes. Your claims are reimbursed in just weeks, so your finances are always up to date. 

Stand out From the Competition With the Right Software

Now that you know you need non-emergency medical transportation routing software, it’s time to find the one that will take your business to the top. Whether you’re a seasoned NEMT provider or you’re just dipping your toes into the industry waters, RouteGenie will set you apart from the competition and save you time and money. Request your free demo today!



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