Why Do NEMT Drivers Need a Driver App?



What is a Driver App?

A driver app is a built-in non-emergency medical transportation software feature that makes it easy for drivers to view their daily trips, schedule new ones, and make any necessary changes throughout the day. The app acts as a phenomenal communication tool between both dispatcher and driver, and driver and passenger. NEMT drivers work in a fast-paced environment, so investing in software that has a reliable driver app is a great way to boost efficiency. Below are just some of the many features NEMT businesses find when they operate with a driver app. 

Follow a Trip in Real Time

Follow a trip in real time

Driver apps make it easy for providers and dispatchers to check a driver’s location at any point during the trip. They can verify that the driver was at the pick-up location at the appropriate time and that the passenger was dropped off after the appointment was over. 

Send Trip Updates Right From the App

If drivers encounter a problem during their trip, or have a question about their passenger, they can easily send a message out to their fleet right from the app. 

Use In-App Navigation

Simply plug in your passenger’s address and follow in-app navigation. Non-emergency medical transportation software is designed to find the fastest, most efficient routes for every trip, so you’ll avoid traffic, accidents, poor road conditions, and more. 

Communicate With Your Passengers 

Communicate with your passengers 

When drivers are in close proximity to their pick-up or drop-off address, they can quickly send a message to their passenger saying they have arrived. This is a great feature to ensure that trips are completed on time so that drivers can stay on schedule. 

Clock in and Out From the App

Drivers spend their days on the go, but with a driver app, it’s easy to clock in and out with the touch of a button. This way, providers know that their payroll is accurate and all hours are properly accounted for. 

Check Out Our Modern, Easy-To-Use Driver App

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