SBA Loans Under the CARES Act

During this chaotic time where many are looking for Coronavirus answers and aid on how to navigate their small business through this pandemic with minimal loss. We thought we’d share a helpful article that can guide you to some answers that you have been searching for. This article will take you through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act

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Why NEMT Providers are Crucial to the Healthcare System

There are two major outcomes that revolve around poor transportation in the medical industry: a decrease in the use of preventative care doctors, and an increase in the number of emergency room visits.  Missed appointments are one of the biggest frustrations for any medical office since they lead to lost revenue and wasted time. The losses that these offices endure are significant and it happens

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How to provide great service as a NEMT Provider

If you work in the transportation industry, specifically the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Industry, great service is one main aspect that will set you apart from your competitors. Not only will it make your company stand out above the rest, but it is absolutely vital for the growth of your business.  One key aspect to ensure great service in NEMT is utilizing

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What are the essential building blocks of a successful NEMT company?

If you are thinking of starting your own NEMT company, there are a few key components to ensure the success of your business. NEMT services help transport the population of people that are unable to get to their non-emergency appointments. This type of safe and reliable transportation is in high demand for people with physical and/or mental disabilities, whether they

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