Benefits of Being an NEMT Provider

Benefits of Being an NEMT Provider

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) has become an essential healthcare service for people with special mobility needs. Many seniors and people with disabilities forgo regular doctor’s appointments because of the lack of comfortable transportation. NEMT companies provide what they need

The NEMT industry in the U.S. was worth close to $8.66 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow an average of 9% annually until 2028. 

This begs the question: is NEMT a good business?

Let’s take a closer look.


Pros and Cons of Being an NEMT Provider

NEMT has experienced exponential growth over the last few years, which should tell you enough about how good of an investment it can be. However, it is not without its challenges. 

NEMT Benefits

Starting an NEMT business is not easy but it could be rewarding. What are its biggest benefits?

1. Helping People With Special Needs

The best part of operating an NEMT service is the ability to help people who need specialized transportation. Some 5.88 million Americans fail to get care because of the lack of transportation. Operating an NEMT business means providing what they need. 

2. It Can be Profitable

Is NEMT profitable? It can be. As mentioned earlier, the industry is worth billions of dollars and is expected to grow every year. While the industry is generally profitable, it all boils down to how the company is run. 

Capturing their target audience is crucial for NEMT companies. Plus, if a good NEMT business is available, patients who go to medical appointments on private vehicles now have more cost-efficient options. 

NEMT providers make money through the following:

  • Private Pay - patients with special mobility needs who pay out of pocket for NEMT services. 
  • Medicaid Beneficiaries - NEMT is in place because of a federal law that obliges states to provide transportation. It ensures Medicaid beneficiaries can travel to their healthcare appointments. 
  • Facility Contracts - NEMT providers can also open contracts with healthcare facilities and brokers to onboard new patients. 

3. Easy to Implement

Technology is key to ensuring that the NEMT business is profitable and runs smoothly. 

RouteGenie is one of the top NEMT software available today. It simplifies the following operations:

  1. Scheduling
  2. Route optimization
  3. Dispatching
  4. Billing

But those are not all of the things that NEMT software covers, it can help NEMT companies with overall operations. 

NEMT Challenges

NEMT ChallengesOperating an NEMT business isn’t always easy. Here are some of the challenges that NEMT providers face:

1. Compliance

NEMT compliance regulations depend on the state you operate in. 

Generally, NEMT drivers have more stringent hiring requisites because they will serve people with special mobility needs. Drivers also assist clients to and from the vehicle, which would require specialized healthcare training. 

2. Technology

As mentioned, software is a crucial element in the business. The right NEMT software could make or break your daily operations. Finding tools with valuable features that help the business run smoothly can be challenging. 

RouteGenie has plenty of functionalities to ensure all passengers have a comfortable ride. The NEMT vehicles will bring clients to their appointments on time because drivers have the fastest route to avoid roadblocks and traffic issues. The NEMT company will also save on fuel expenses because of route optimization. All vehicles in the fleet are always in good shape because of regular maintenance reminders from the software. 

3. Inflation

Rising costs of resources and business operations are affecting all industries, and NEMT is not an exception. 

Is it Difficult to Become an NEMT Provider?

Is it Difficult to Become an NEMT Provider?Starting an NEMT business is not significantly more challenging than other enterprises. Of course, you need extensive knowledge about the healthcare transport industry. 

It is also about finding the right technology that can help the business propel forward. 

Here are some basic steps on how to become an NEMT provider:

  1. Register the business
  2. Get a National Provider Identifier
  3. Apply as an NEMT provider in the state
  4. Build your NEMT fleet
  5. Partner with transportation brokers
  6. Get the best NEMT software


The best type of business to operate has a good scope for profitability and provides a service to people in need. Being an NEMT provider serves those with special mobility requirements so they get the medical care they need. It can also be profitable as long as you have the best NEMT software.

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