How To Improve Safety and Security With NEMT Software

How To Improve Safety and Security With NEMT Software

The pandemic was a stark reminder of the world’s vulnerability on a personal and collective level. Even with extensive safety nets and advanced technology across various industries, the COVID-19 virus affected billions, and its effects can still be felt today. 

Many new protocols were needed to ensure everyone’s safety. These included testing, tracking, and vaccination. And these collective measures required robust digital platforms. Mobile apps and software programs proved to be crucial in making these protocols work.

In the non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) industry, safety and security are top concerns post-pandemic. But how can NEMT software help improve them, especially in the digital age?


Enhancing Safety and Security in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

NEMT companies have many options available to enhance safety and security. These include policy changes, training and management, and new technology investments.

Let’s explore these general strategies.

Safety Policies and Procedures

In the digital age, NEMT operators should develop additional safety protocols and policies that focus on the following:

  • Passenger safety
  • On-the-road safety
  • Procedures for drivers
  • Safety protocols for fleet maintenance on and off the road

Policies for passengers include providing information on medical support and equipment needed during transport. 

On-the-road safety procedures for drivers could focus on the following: 

  • Vehicle checkups
  • Driver emergency training
  • Safety guidelines

These ensure regular inspections and observation of vehicle safety standards. 

Employee Training and Management

NEMT providers can implement training programs for their drivers and employees, including:

  • Emergency and safety procedures for passengers
  • Safe driving practices
  • Defensive driving
  • Basic first aid
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Software integration

These training programs could ensure that all drivers have a thorough knowledge of safety procedures on and off the road. It also empowers staff to observe and optimize every part of the passenger’s trip. 

Pre-Trip Assessment and Planning

NEMT companies can add pre-trip assessment and planning to identify safety risks for their fleet and passengers. With each assessment, they can take necessary safety measures and add new protocols to minimize issues during trips. 

Pre-trip assessments could include checking traffic and road conditions, weather forecast checkups, road closures, and route planning. It can help drivers and transport providers prepare for any emergency that might arise from a natural phenomenon or a road condition. 

Evaluation of Ongoing Safety Performance

NEMT operators need to know their current safety performance. They should monitor and evaluate it constantly and use it as a basis for their areas of improvement. 

These evaluations include reviewing accident reports, driver evaluations, cancellations, and no-shows. This information can help the business identify which procedures must be added or changed to ensure its continued success. 

Additional Investments in Technology

Advanced technologies such as global positioning system (GPS) tracking can enhance safety and security for transport providers. Automated emergency response systems and in-vehicle cameras offer real-time monitoring of all trips. 

Using NEMT software like RouteGenie gives transport providers all these essential monitoring tools. They can improve security and emergency response times. The software also collects and analyzes data from passengers, vehicles, and drivers. 

NEMT companies can use this data to gain insights into the business. The management team can make data-driven decisions to highlight safety and security issues. 

How NEMT Software Can Help Ensure the Safe and Secure Transport of Patients

How NEMT Software Can Help Ensure the Safe and Secure Transport of Patients

Leveraging robust NEMT software can improve overall transport services. But how can it improve patient security and safety? 

Here are some ways to take NEMT security to the next level with the right software. 

Accommodate Vital Medical Equipment

With NEMT software booking features, patients can identify the medical equipment they need during transport. The dispatching features can then match the best possible vehicle and driver with the patient’s needs.

NEMT providers have specialized equipment that can help passengers with medical conditions. These include tools for mobility and other requirements that ensure the safe transport of patients. 

NEMT companies must also follow safety guidelines for their vehicles. This ensures patients requiring medical assistance and support can safely travel in the vehicle. 

Assist Passengers With Medical Conditions

NEMT software makes it easy for passengers with medical conditions to schedule their appointments. Through automated scheduling on the NEMT software platform, they can easily add a trip or even choose a mode of transport that can bring them to their appointments. 

They can also identify the kinds of medical support they need so the NEMT provider can bring them to their appointments safely and without incident. Patients can also use the software to inform the provider if they need staff with specialized medical knowledge. 

Reliable Scheduling and Dispatch

Software like RouteGenie ensures the safe and secure transport of passengers with its reliable automated scheduling and dispatch service. It can find a day and time that accommodates both the patient and the driver. It also ensures the passenger that the driver and the vehicle meet all their requirements. 

Passengers can use software to reschedule or cancel trips. This is an important feature because it immediately notifies the transport provider. Thus, patients will not be charged for rescheduling or canceling if they do it in advance. 

Efficient Scheduling and Routing

NEMT software schedules the most efficient and practical routes for each trip. It considers the patient’s condition, vehicle safety requirements, and current road and weather conditions. It assesses how long a trip will take, ensuring the patient is picked up and dropped off at the designated areas and times. 

Benefits of NEMT Software in Improving Safety and Security for Patients and Providers

Benefits of NEMT Software in Improving Safety and Security for Patients and ProvidersUsing the right NEMT software benefits patients and NEMT providers in the following ways: 

Improved Scheduling and Coordination

NEMT software streamlines the scheduling of drivers, patients, and vehicles. This automation reduces cancellations, no-shows, and missed appointments. For many providers, coordinating between passengers and drivers manually is a huge challenge, especially if the ratio between passengers and available vehicles is skewed.

Software makes it easy for providers to manage schedules and maximize their fleets. Passengers can easily see what kind of transport is available for their schedule. Vehicles are dispatched quickly for their pickup times.

Driver and Fleet Management

The right software also helps manage drivers and fleets. The system can easily check and monitor licenses, insurance policies, and driving records. 

Fleet maintenance features ensure that all vehicles are checked and reviewed before and after a trip. 

Real-Time Monitoring

GPS tracking provides real-time monitoring of all drivers and vehicles. NEMT providers can track all trips once they start. Management teams and dispatchers know the location of a patient at any point during their trip. 

On-Time Communication and Notifications 

NEMT software facilitates communication among drivers, patients, healthcare providers, and even dispatchers. It ensures that all parties have the right information at the right time. Passengers receive notifications of their scheduled trips. Drivers can receive updates in case of cancellations and additional pickups. 

Integration of Electronic Health Records

NEMT software easily integrates with established electronic health record systems. It gives providers access to information so they can deliver the best possible patient care during transport. 

Verification of Patient Identities

NEMT software features can verify a patient’s identity. This is done through biometric scans, vital patient information, and ID scans. This ensures that the provider will pick up the right patient at the designated pickup point. 

Ensures HIPAA Compliance

Finally, NEMT software ensures that transport operators, insurance companies, and healthcare facilities follow Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance

HIPAA compliance protects the privacy of their patients’ health information. 

NEMT Software Protects Patients and Providers

Using the right NEMT software provides many benefits to passengers and operators. It improves safety and security in many areas, such as daily operations, trips, and information security. 

Make sure you have the right software for your NEMT business. Contact RouteGenie and book a demo to experience the many benefits it will bring to your passengers and drivers.

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