4/2/2021 3 mins read

When is it time to grow your NEMT fleet?

The NEMT industry is a rapidly growing one. Every year, 3.6 million Americans delay or miss a healthcare appointment due to lack of transportation. NEMT is a big solution to this problem....

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3/12/2021 6 mins read

RouteGenie feature spotlight: Billing

Here at RouteGenie, we’re all about efficiency. We achieve that through teamwork, constant innovation, and of course, a high-tech, modern software system. Built to help NEMT companies acr...

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2/26/2021 7 mins read

RouteGenie feature spotlight: Routing

The team behind RouteGenie believes in innovation. We believe in getting things done the right way, the easy way. With the right technology, both of those things are possible simultaneous...

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