The Hidden Advantages of Using Automated NEMT Software

The Hidden Advantages of Using Automated NEMT Software

Automation improves productivity, boosts reliability, and provides accuracy no matter where it is applied. Many companies across industries are automating their procedures to fast-track operations and improve brand associations. 

In this article, let’s be more specific. Why is automation important in NEMT or non-emergency medical transportation? 


Understanding NEMT and Its Importance

One in three people face transportation barriers when it comes to healthcare. It means that they could not go to their scheduled medical appointment because of the lack of transportation, or medical treatment was delayed because of it. 

NEMT is essential because it helps people get to their medical appointments. Non-emergency medical transportation is often covered under Medicaid. Different types of NEMT services can cater to all types of patients. Ambulatory NEMT is for those who need minimal mobility assistance. And there are specialized wheelchair and stretcher options for patients who require them. 

All of these needs are better covered with automated NEMT software. 

The Rise of Automation in the Transportation Industry

Just a few years ago, people had to go outside and hail a cab if they needed that type of transport. Or they called the cab company’s landline and waited for the driver to honk the car, signifying its arrival. 

Today, millions of passengers simply book rides on their smartphones in an instant, and they can track their hired car throughout their journey. 

The same process is now used in NEMT. The use of NEMT software has greatly improved services for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Automating the NEMT industry benefits all parties concerned, from transport companies to brokerages, and most especially, the people who need rides. 

Hidden Advantages of Automated NEMT Software

Hidden Advantages of Automated NEMT SoftwareThere are many advantages to using NEMT software, with convenience being the most important. However, there are also advantages that many overlook because they are not immediately felt. 

Here are the most important advantages of using NEMT software:

Patients Get the Service They Need

Booking the right type of transportation is vital for seniors and persons with disabilities. Automating such a service means clients can easily book the specific NEMT vehicle in advance so it cannot be used elsewhere. 

The NEMT scheduling software will also ensure that clients and drivers get ample reminders for the trip. In other words, NEMT clients will get exactly what they need. 

Accurate Dispatch

One of the best features of NEMT automation is NEMT dispatch software. It makes the process easier, and the driver will benefit from streamlined processes.

For example, dispatch will provide drivers with the best route to pick up clients and drop them off at their medical appointments. They will know the best time to leave their starting point so the clients will arrive early or on time. 

Software like RouteGenie provides real-time data so drivers can utilize their time better. Dispatching helps decrease the following:

  • No shows
  • Trip cancellations
  • Vehicle breakdowns

Route Optimization

One of the best benefits of NEMT software is route optimization. Drivers are given the best route to take, which minimizes traffic issues or no-shows. And all clients arrive at their appointments on time. 

As for the NEMT company, streamlined trips cut operational costs as less fuel is used, and fewer vehicles and drivers will be on the road. 

Accurate Billing

Companies are assured of accurate billing for every trip because of NEMT software pricing. Private-pay clients and insurance companies also benefit from billing transparency. This is due to medical billing software integrated with other NEMT tools. 


ConclusionNEMT companies must leverage automated software to help manage costs and improve everyday transport operations. Software benefits everybody involved, from the patients who need to get to their appointments on time to drivers who need route recommendations for a more efficient service. Brokers who manage trip requests will follow seamless procedures, and transport providers will earn more by saving on operational costs and enhancing their NEMT reputation.

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