9/3/2021 2 mins read

NEMT eligibility requirements

If you’re new to the NEMT space, you likely have tons of different questions. There’s a lot to learn about this industry, and that’s what makes it so exciting. The best place to begin, ho...

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8/27/2021 2 mins read

How much does NEMT insurance cost?

If you’re thinking about starting an NEMT company, it’s time to get serious about insurance costs. Just as you need insurance coverage to drive your own personal vehicle, you also need it...

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8/6/2021 2 mins read

NEMTAC 2021 conference

The NEMT event of the year is only a little more than a month away—do you have your tickets to the NEMTAC 2021 conference yet? The conference, held by the Non-Emergency Medical Transporta...

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7/30/2021 2 mins read

How to find NEMT in your area

If you’re looking for non-emergency medical transportation in your area, you might not know where to begin. Requesting a ride is easy once you know the process, but who do you contact? If...

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