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If you’re looking to hire more drivers for your non-emergency medical transportation company, it’s important to make sure you find the right kind of person. Having a driver’s license and a clean driver’s record is part of it, but there’s so much more you should look for when it comes to NEMT drivers. Remember, these drivers are often working with the elderly and people who need extra care. NEMT isn’t just a taxi service; it requires care, attention to detail, and dedication to the job. If you’re looking to hire the right drivers for your business, read on for more insight on what you should look for in potential employees. If they fit the following, they’re likely a solid choice for your business:

Always aware of a passenger’s needs

You want drivers who pay attention to each passenger’s individual needs and put their safety first. For instance, you likely deal with many customers who require a wheelchair for transportation. If that wheelchair isn’t properly fastened and secured before driving away, your driver could cause serious harm to the passenger. Likewise, many passengers may need walkers, stretchers, IVs, oxygen tanks, or other medical equipment that needs to be carefully handled and checked before starting a trip. If a driver isn’t comfortable with this level of responsibility, they shouldn’t be in the NEMT field. 

A safe, responsible driver

This means finding someone with a clean driving record who can show that they’re not reckless on the road. It’s also worth having your drivers go through a defensive driving course, if they haven’t yet taken one, to enhance their ability to perform safe trips. Additionally, you want to be able to trust that your driver can do both pre and post-trip inspections to make sure there are no problems with the vehicle. 

A people person

Overall, your drivers should be friendly, sociable people. You want someone who’s kind and willing to have a conversation with a stranger. Getting into a vehicle with an unfamiliar face isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but if your passenger feels comfortable with the driver in the first few minutes, the rest of the ride will be better for everyone. Plus, communication is important for any trip changes or delays, so you want someone you can depend on to be in contact with you or the patient, however your process works, if times and pickups need to change. 

Be selective with who you hire 

Sometimes it’s tempting to hire the first few applicants you interview. You might think, they aren’t the best, but they’ll do for now. But that’s not the right attitude to have in the NEMT field, and it can even become a dangerous one if you hire a risky driver. Make it clear that you want friendly, committed employees. This isn’t just a taxi gig; it’s a personal transport job that allows your drivers to perform a big responsibility—providing rides for elderly and low-income individuals who need to get to a medical appointment. 

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