How NEMT Dispatch and Billing Software Can Help You Stay Compliant

Identity verification and password protection 

Many NEMT billing systems require two-step authentication at the time of login. Additionally, HIPAA requires regular password changes for extra protection. 

These security measures prevent unauthorized users from accessing your scheduling and billing system. This minimizes the potential for fraud and other malpractices.

Automatic Log Off

After a period of inactivity, the NEMT billing system will log users off to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing any sensitive data. This adds a crucial layer of protection to your billing system.

Encrypted Transfer of Data

If you’re billing claims electronically (which you should be), you need to feel confident that your data is sent through encrypted communication. 

NEMT billing software does just that while ensuring that no device without proper data protection can receive sensitive information.

GPS Compliance

What is Medicaid GPS compliance? Medicaid GPS compliance requires healthcare providers, including therapists, nurses, respite workers, and NEMT providers, to sign in and confirm their locations when providing patient services. This reduces Medicaid fraud and enhances patients’ safety.

From April 3, 2023, the New York State Department of Health (DOH) mandates Global Positioning System (GPS) compliance for all transportation providers (TPs) in the state. To ensure GPS-compliant trips, TPs must send the following details to the Transportation Manager, Medical Answering Services (MAS):

  • Pick-up point
  • Destination
  • GPS coordinates

GPS compliance will enhance program integrity, provide the safety of enrollees, ease the formulation of future healthcare policies, and reduce fraud, abuse, and waste. More states will require NEMT providers to be GPS compliant. 

If you’re an NEMT provider, billing or routing software with robust GPS capability is essential. You can easily track all of your drivers and accurately manage each trip’s GPS data.

Broker Integrations

If you work with an NEMT broker, you must integrate your billing software for smooth operations. With NEMT broker integration, you can easily sync your data with your partners.

This ensures hassle-free trips, job assignments, administrative work, payment clearances, etc. NEMT brokers will understand the specific needs of all patients. They will assign suitable vehicles and equipment, including gurneys, walkers, or wheelchairs, they may need for the trip.

See How NEMT Software Can Improve Your Operation

Risking a process that isn’t HIPAA compliant just isn’t an option in the healthcare industry. To stay on top of compliance regulations, check out RouteGenie. This NEMT software provides many excellent features for NEMT providers, including scheduling, routing, dispatching, billing, and vehicle maintenance tracking.

You can also manage all your business functions and operations in one place and save up to 50% of your dispatching and billing labor costs. RouteGenie has an automated call system and on-hold algorithm that helps cut down no-shows by up to 50%. It ensures more completed trips without having to increase your fleet size.

To ensure high levels of security and patient privacy, RouteGenie also provides the following:

  • User identification for employees
  • Identity verification
  • Password protection
  • Automatic log-off after periods of inactivity
  • Encrypted data transfer

RouteGenie also integrates with top national and regional NEMT brokers.

GPS Compliance

RouteGenie also complies with the new GPS regulations stipulated by the New York State DOH. In fact, it was one of the first NEMT software providers to level up its integration to ensure compliance with the regulations back in 2021.

RouteGenie has in-built GPS tracking that NEMT operators can use to track driver locations. The system sends required “breadcrumb data” to MAS to ensure NEMT providers are fully NY Medicaid compliant.

After a trip ends and the NEMT provider confirms its completion, RouteGenie submits the following GPS data:

  • The driver’s identity
  • The vehicle’s details
  • When the driver reached the pickup point
  • When the passenger got into the vehicle
  • When the vehicle reached the drop-off point

NEMT providers can choose to send this GPS data automatically or after manually reviewing it. RouteGenie offers this flexibility to ensure ease and convenience while helping them stay legally compliant.

NEMT companies can automatically download trip data, get updates, and view cancellations from MAS in real time. There is also a compliance management tool with comprehensive reporting and reminders.

RouteGenie also has full integration with the MAS API. Those using the software will easily remain compliant with the latest GPS rules and work with Medicaid trips distributed by MAS, everything is managed through the RouteGenie account.

Our NY Medicaid-compliant NEMT software provides a safe, reliable, and seamless transportation experience for patients. It increases safety and trust in NEMT providers.

RouteGenie also sends NEMT brokers all relevant data while maintaining patient privacy. Our leading NEMT software caters to all the business and legal needs of NEMT providers. It is worth mentioning that brokers will receive data only related to their trips, so you shouldn’t worry about all other trips. 


NEMT software is a powerful tool that helps NEMT providers and other players in the healthcare industry ensure compliance with various regulations. This includes HIPAA and the New York State DOH’s GPS compliance rules. 

RouteGenie’s offerings stand out from the crowd with robust features and tools, making it an excellent choice for NEMT providers.

If you wish to take your compliance and business operations to the next level, book a demo with the NEMT experts at RouteGenie today and see how the software can completely change your operations

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