Benefits of NEMT Software for Medical Transportation Providers

Benefits of NEMT Software for Medical Transportation Providers

According to a 2022 NEMT market forecast report, the non-emergency medical transportation or NEMT industry was worth $8.6 billion in 2021. From 2021 to 2028, the market is expected to see a 9% annual growth rate and grow to $15.6 billion. 

The reason for this industry growth is the multitude of benefits that all sectors experience. When an NEMT business provides the best possible services, it increases profits. The clients experience bespoke, on-time trips every time. And the transportation industry will continue to grow. 

To keep up with the ever-growing industry and the shifting demands of passengers, NEMT providers need to leverage high-end technology.

Let’s take a look at the many benefits of NEMT software:


1. Better Route Planning and Optimization

NEMT software allows transportation providers to plan the best route for every trip. Modern non-emergency transportation software such as RouteGenie has successfully increased trips by 25% with the same number of vehicles because of systematic and better dispatching. 

It automates every step of the process:

Managing Trip Requests

Every trip request is different: people have varied destinations and needs. The only thing clients have in common is that they want the journey to be safe and reach the dropoff point on time. 

With route planning optimization integrated into NEMT software, providers can easily fulfill trip requests based on specific needs. The central system will arrange for the drivers to follow the best schedule that maximizes the amount of trips they can complete and minimizes wait time rides without passengers. 

Selecting the Right Vehicles

Some clients may have special vehicle requests. For example, people with disabilities and senior citizens, who are the primary clientele for NEMT service, may travel with special medical devices. These may only be accommodated in certain vehicle types. 

Maybe you want to use specific vehicles for certain types of transportation or with certain payers only - in this case, that can also be done with the right medical transportation software. 

Scheduling Drivers 

Manually scheduling NEMT trips for an entire fleet could take hours, maybe even days, if you want equitable trips for all drivers. With robust scheduling software, it can be done in minutes, which makes managing trip requests easy and straightforward. 

Improving Dispatching

Dispatching must be a streamlined and organized process because it covers all transport operations. And when everything else is methodical because of software, it follows that dispatching will be a breeze.

Efficient transportation software can reduce company’s dispatching costs by 50% because it needs fewer dispatchers. 

2. Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking

The NEMT central system will always have eyes on all vehicles through real-time monitoring. It is beneficial to the transportation provider because it knows if the drivers are doing what they are supposed to do. Additionally transportation providers can install cameras and OBD, in this case they will know what’s happening in the vehicle, can detect fraud, resolve complicated situations. 

If something happens to a vehicle, like it is stuck in heavy traffic or met with an emergency stoppage, the provider will have a real-time report. As such, the company can solve the problem immediately so the passenger will still arrive at their destination on time despite the issues. Routes can be diverted immediately when needed. 

Many states now require to be GPS compliant, so that DOH can receive timestamps and know that passengers were picked up and dropped off at proper time and locations.

3. Enhanced Communication and Coordination

Communication is critical to the success of a modern transportation service. The dispatching of trips must be organized to ensure route optimization. There will be fewer calls between dispatchers and drivers because everything can be accessed on the app. Verbal communication is prone to misinterpretation, especially voice calls in areas where the signal is poor. 

RouteGenie NEMT software has an automated call system and on-hold algorithm to reduce no-shows or clients who fail to appear for their scheduled NEMT transport. Companies must communicate a clear no-show policy so clients cancel within the appropriate timeframe. With RouteGenie, automated reminders are sent out so clients remember their upcoming trips. 

4. Cost Savings and Revenue Generation

4. Cost Savings and Revenue GenerationEfficient NEMT software will streamline operations so that all vehicles have the best schedule and do not waste fuel on unnecessary legs or driving too far toi pick up a passenger. Moreover, dispatchers can coordinate additional trips to maximize the use of vehicles already on the road and limit the dispatch of others. 

Using multioload also boosts your profits and allows you to complete more trips with fewer vehicles on the road. 

This level of efficiency will save on maintenance costs as well. There will be less wear and tear for vehicles. All maintenance needs can be tracked via software. 

Savings due to software can be used to further improve the company’s revenue generation. 

5. Vehicle Performance Tracking

Maintenance of vehicles is vital to the success of a transportation business. Tracking vehicle performance and condition allows the company to implement preventive maintenance services on the entire fleet. This will minimize bogging down on the road and derailed trips. 

The software also has pre- and post-trip checklists for drivers so that any issue with the vehicles can be worked out immediately. 

6. Better Safety

Because all vehicles in the fleet are well-maintained, passengers know they are safe on the road. 

Passenger safety is paramount. Persons with disabilities and senior citizens are the primary clientele for NEMT services. The vehicles must be well-equipped to cater to their needs. Drivers also have basic healthcare knowledge and training, so they can assist clients with special needs. 

7. Streamlined Billing System

Software can streamline the billing process so clients will know how much the service costs without any surprises. It can also eliminate or minimize errors to save time. 

When working with brokers, you need to make sure you submit your claim on time and without errors, that’s what the software helps you with. Companies that use RouteGenie have 25% fewer missed or unbilled claims. 

Because everything is automated, companies can also reduce labor costs by 50% since they won’t need many people to do the billing anymore. 

8. Broker Integration

Transportation providers work with brokers very often, and sometimes they can work with several brokers at the same time. In this case managing all trips becomes hard unless you use a good medical transportation software that has integration with your broker(s).  

Better Client Experience

The most important benefit of good NEMT software is that you can improve the client experience. When clients are satisfied, the business will thrive. The clients may even become unofficial spokespersons for the company and spread glowing reviews to others. Word of mouth is a great tool to acquire new NEMT passengers

The following benefits make the client experience positive:

  • Seamless booking
  • Track driver location
  • Contact dispatcher and driver via app in case of changes
  • Little to no wait time
  • Automated calls and notifications 
  • Rate a ride and driver

Choosing the Right NEMT Software

Choosing the Right NEMT SoftwareNow that you know how important NEMT software can be for your transportation business, it’s time to look at ways to choose the ideal NEMT technology


Basic NEMT software will provide some level of route planning and optimization, but how about extra features? Look for software that integrates functionalities that are not only focused on the transportation aspect of the business. 

Take a look at RouteGenie, which has powerful functionality that will require several articles to be written. But here are a few things:


Aside from generating billing for the use of NEMT service, BillingGenie produces electronic billing files that follow the standard format. For example, Form CMS-1500, the standard form to bill Medicare fee-for-service contractors. 


This system sends alerts when any of the vehicles need to be inspected, insured, or certified. It is an important feature that ensures every vehicle in the fleet is at its best so clients feel safe and comfortable. 


This feature eliminates situations where clients don’t show up on the scheduled date and time of service, which would mean wasting fuel and the driver’s time and energy. NoShowGenie makes it easy to communicate with passengers so they are reminded of their schedule and know the exact time the vehicle is arriving. 


Human Resources (HR) has always been a company division known for its stack of documents. But with NEMT software and HRGenie from RouteGenie, everything the HR department needs is on the app. You can track driver documents, get alerted when the license expires, etc. 


Of course, your choice of software shouldn’t break the bank. But this doesn’t mean that you should find the cheapest NEMT software you can find. The priority should be on the product that gives you the best value for money. Additionally, you should figure out if the software is customizable and you can get some changes that will help in your specific situation and way you operate your business. 

Easy to Implement and Navigate

Software that is too complicated to navigate would only lead to a steep learning curve that may lose you money. Find a system that is easy for to understand and navigate. Make sure that proper training and implementation is going to be conducted by the software provider, this way you and your team can learn it properly. In this case you know that you will get a powerful tool that you and your team will benefit from. 

Remarkable Customer Service

If you need to troubleshoot the software, your provider must have good customer support that can provide the assistance you need, ideally it should be 24/7, so you can get critical issues resolved if they arise.


In the digital age, high-quality technology is a crucial element of business. The transportation industry is no different. With NEMT software, transport providers can operate their business with ease and efficiency, leading to customer satisfaction. 

RouteGenie is an all-in-one NEMT software that integrates route planning optimization with other critical features, such as real-time vehicle monitoring, enhanced communication, improved safety, a better billing system, and more. 

Get a demo from NEMT experts for a firsthand experience of how RouteGenie works.

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