The Importance of Data Analytics in NEMT Operations

The Importance of Data Analytics in NEMT Operations

In the digital age, data analytics has become essential for technology-centered businesses. It provides actionable information that will help the company move forward in the right direction. 

Data analytics help with crafting strategies and changing plans to suit the needs of the clientele. 

How can data analytics help non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services?


The Importance of Data Analytics in NEMT Operations

First, let’s define data analytics.

It is the science of evaluating, analyzing, and processing raw to make valid conclusions. In business, data analytics provides the following benefits:

Generating NEMT reports can help improve the delivery of service. It is not just a win for the NEMT industry but for healthcare as a whole. 

Why is Data Analytics Important in Healthcare?

Data analytics provides many advantages in healthcare as the industry becomes more modern. Gone are the days when patient records comprise reams of paperwork from different departments and are compiled in a folder. 

Today, there are electronic health records (EHR). They contain all of a patient’s health information stored in digital form. They make it easier for healthcare providers to pull out any data when needed. Only those granted access can take a look at the EHR. 

Some of this data can be harnessed for analytics. For example, EHR data can help with more accurate diagnostics. The diagnosis can be collated to create a full report for the facility, which will help with forecasts that will be useful to the organization and the healthcare industry. 

So, when somebody asks: “What is the role of data analytics in healthcare?” One can honestly reply with: “A lot.”

Some of the essential benefits are:

  1. Data gathered can help with medical research for the organization and the healthcare industry. 
  2. More accurate calculation of healthcare insurance. 
  3. Reduce waste in the medical industry. 
  4. Manage hospital capacity.
  5. Improve staffing. 

Types of Data That Can Be Collected and Analyzed in NEMT Operations
Types of Data That Can Be Collected and Analyzed in NEMT Operations

Now that we have established the importance of data analytics in healthcare, let’s discuss a more specific application: NEMT. 

NEMT has become integral to the healthcare industry because it provides access to medical care to those who need mobility assistance.

The service also generates data that could help in various fields of the operation:


NEMT serves millions of people every year. As most NEMT companies use software, data can be collected about the fastest way to a destination, including many variables. The benefits or route optimization include: reduced travel time, fuel consumption, and overall operational costs.

Predicting Demand and Pattern Anomalies

By analyzing historical data, NEMT providers can predict the demand for their services in different areas and at different times. This can help in better planning and allocation of resources, ensuring that there are enough vehicles and drivers available to meet the demand.

Rider Data

Every person has different needs, and data analytics will help improve customer service. A regular NEMT passenger leaves a digital footprint about their habits, which technology like RouteGenie can analyze. Once the software has the passenger’s profile, the NEMT company can personalize the service. It already knows what the client needs, such as a wheelchair or stretcher, without being prompted. The NEMT provider can also remind clients of upcoming appointments so they won’t forget. 

Matching drivers with a regular client is another way to improve customer service. Data will let you know who among the drivers has the right rapport with a certain client through comments and reviews on the site or app. Also you can get the breakdown of your passengers to see which modes of transportation are in demand more, how many trips and revenue each broker brings vs private pay customers. 


Optimizing NEMT operations will significantly reduce waiting time for customers and eliminate or minimize no-shows on the part of the NEMT company. Software will inform passengers of their NEMT driver’s estimated time of arrival, so they know when to start preparing for their trip and their medical appointment.

The NEMT company will be updated on the status of the trip. No-shows constitute half of all canceled NEMT trips, and each canceled trip leads to wasted money and other resources.

Safety Factors 

There is scientific evidence that left turns cause more accidents than most other traffic movements. According to reports, 22% of all vehicular accidents involve a left-turning vehicle. More than half of all cross-path accidents also involve a left turn. 

Collected traffic data can improve NEMT vehicle and passenger safety. 

Improving Service Quality

Data analytics can help in identifying patterns in service quality issues, such as delays, cancellations, or customer complaints. By analyzing this data, NEMT providers can identify the root causes of these issues and take corrective actions to improve service quality.

Benefits of Using Data Analytics in NEMT Operations

Benefits of Using Data Analytics in NEMT OperationsOne thing is for certain: data analytics will help improve NEMT services. As a result, clients will be happier, and NEMT companies can experience a boost in reputation and profits. 

Here are the specific benefits of data analytics:

Optimized Routes

When NEMT drivers know the best route to take, companies can reduce and manage operational costs. Less fuel will be spent on the service, and time will not be wasted. Passengers will also get to their medical appointments on time. 

Real-Time Dispatching

Data analytics will help with real-time updates on traffic so that NEMT can avoid routes with heavy traffic. Drivers will also be apprised of cancellations, and they don’t need to make unnecessary trips. 

Moreover, in case of vehicular breakdowns, dispatch is immediately informed, and another vehicle can take the passenger to ensure they will get to their destination on time. 

Streamlined Billing

Billing in healthcare can be quite complicated because of insurance coverage. But with the right software and data analytics, billing is fast, easy, and accurate. 

Improved Operations

NEMT reports and data analytics will provide vital information to help the business better serve its clients. 


Data analytics is used in various industries because it provides critical information that could help improve business operations and increase profits. This technology can help improve the NEMT industry with many substantial benefits to help improve customer service and enhance access to healthcare

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