Approved Transportation Management System (ATMS) in NEMT

Approved Transportation Management System (ATMS) in NEMT

Non-emergency transportation service (NEMT) vehicles are equipped with software to ensure efficient and safe trips. Software modernizes transport processes and ensures maximum productivity and other benefits. 

Approved Transportation Management Systems (ATMS) can take operations to the next level. 

In this article, we talk about ATMS, its integration with NEMT, and its numerous benefits. But first, what is it?


What are Approved Transportation Management Systems?

ATMS is the use of software approved by NEMT brokers. This type of software had to be checked by the broker and meet their standards. Also it is integrated with the broker, so that trips updates are seamless, brokers receive all necessary data to comply with Medicaid regulations. Transportation is not just about bringing people from one place to another. It is a vessel for passengers to have a safe and comfortable trip as they are brought to their appointments on time. 

ATMS or ATM software provides digital planning and organization strategies to optimize routes and schedule a safe and comfortable ride for passengers. 

In the case of NEMT, passengers with non-emergency healthcare appointments benefit from streamlined operations. 

Benefits of ATMS for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Providers

Management software is a necessity for NEMT providers because of the following advantages:

Route Optimization

People don’t always think about the importance of a vehicle’s chosen routes. In fact, it affects a lot of things like fuel efficiency. The best route is usually the shortest and fastest way to one’s destination, which means a faster trip and maximized resources. Software will do all the calculations for the NEMT driver. 

Route optimization also ensures the passenger will arrive at their appointment on time. Tardiness may cause them to miss their treatment or consultation with their doctor, which may be detrimental to their health. 

Real-Time Dispatching

The route optimization feature on ATMS also prompts efficient dispatching. When the software does its route planning work, the driver will be notified via the application of the trips that are scheduled for him/her. However, the planned route may not be the same when the trip is already underway. A road accident could slow down traffic. Fortunately, this will be reflected in the software. In such case, the dispatcher can adjust schedules pretty fast.     

Improved Customer Service

Real-time updates also prompt better customer service. Passengers will be happy when they arrive safely and on time. They are also kept informed of the progress of the trip every step of the way. 

Many NEMT clients need mobility assistance. ATMS will receive their needs from brokers via seamless integration and pass on the information to the NEMT dispatcher and driver while building the schedule with all requirements. This way, specialized medical equipment will be provided, such as a wheelchair or stretcher. 

Because everything is planned well, customers will surely be satisfied with the service. 

Transportation providers can also pull out data from cloud-based NEMT software for regular customers. This way, they already know what the passenger wants and needs and provide those without prompting. 

Billing Efficiency

Most types of software come with automated billing, which benefits all parties. Private-paying passengers know the exact amount to be paid before booking. The NEMT provider will also have an automatic format for insurance claims that will be sent and processed digitally. 

Features of ATMS: A Close Look at Advanced NEMT Solutions

Features of ATMS: A Close Look at Advanced NEMT SolutionsHow much do NEMT ATMS cost? Pricing for ATMS for NEMT is largely dependent on the features. Most software companies bill a monthly fee for basic services and offer add-on features at an additional cost. 

So, what features should you look for in ATMS?

1. Efficient Dispatching

This is a non-negotiable and an essential feature for ATMS and NEMT software providers. Dispatching is one of the best features of ATMS because it makes the whole service efficient. 

It also helps when there is broker integration in the system. Some NEMT providers receive trip tickets from different brokerages, which could become complicated to manage. Integrating all broker contacts into one platform for seamless dispatching is vital to ensure high-quality service.

2. Data Imports

Manually keeping track of so much information is challenging and inefficient. The AMTS vendor/software for NEMT provider must have robust data management features to make it easy for dispatching to pull up customer information and provide the best possible service. Trips are imported from your broker to the software and vice versa, when there are some updates - it’s also reflected in the system. If your broker requires some additional data (like GPS timestamps) to comply with any regulations - your ATMS also does that automatically. 

3. Fleet Records

NEMT providers have a fleet of vehicles with individual information vital to the service. For example, vehicles have different brands, types, and manufacturing dates. They also have different maintenance needs. NEMT software maintains all of these data points and schedules in the system so the company will be apprised when the vehicle needs an oil change or maintenance checkup. 

Also drivers complete pre and post trip checklists which allows to spot issues ASAP instead of waiting till it’s too late. 

4. Seamless Invoicing and Billing 

NEMT is crucial for people with non-emergent healthcare needs. There are private-paying customers and those covered by insurance; some are government, and others are not. Invoicing and billing various customers is also be seamless. 

The Future of NEMT With Approved Transportation Management Systems
The Future of NEMT With Approved Transportation Management Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been gaining popularity in the last few years, and it will surely have an impact on ATMS and the whole NEMT industry in the future. AI could help improve scheduling for customers, drivers, and staff in the transport realm. All business processes will be improved, from dispatching to billing. 

There will also be more integration between NEMT and medical or healthcare facilities, which will only help patients get better service. 


ATMS is the software that got an approval from NEMT broker. Integrating ATMS into NEMT operations will ensure the providers’ efficiency is increased and the compliance with broker and or DOH requirements are met. 

Get a RouteGenie demo - we are an approved ATMS provider for NEMT companies.

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