NEMTAC 2023 - What You Need to Know

NEMTAC 2023 - What You Need to Know

The largest gathering of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) professionals is happening in Jacksonville, Florida, this September. 

The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission (NEMTAC) Transform 2023 is an annual event for NEMT company owners, operators, drivers, vendors, healthcare professionals, executives, payers, and educators. 

NEMTAC Transform 2023 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Waterfront from September 10 to 12 with the theme, “Educate. Engage. Evolve.” 


What is NEMTAC?

NEMTAC is a non-profit healthcare organization that aims to continually improve the standards and practices of NEMT services. 

The NEMT industry is still in its infancy, and so is NEMTAC, which was founded in 2018 in Arizona. It promotes the following:

  • High-quality customer care
  • Safe vehicle operations
  • Ethical business practices

To ensure standards for the above-mentioned services, NEMTAC provides accreditation, education, and training programs for providers and their fleets. 


NEMTAC is the only organization that provides accreditation in the medical transportation system in the U.S. It has a comprehensive process considered higher than established local and state regulations. 

NEMT certification and licensing are stringent enough, and getting a NEMTAC accreditation will only further solidify a business’s reputation. 

How does NEMTAC accreditation work?

  1. The NEMT business must take the Accreditation Standards Self-Assessment Tool to ensure it is fully qualified for accreditation. 
  2. Next, it must prepare documents and other requirements for accreditation: business license, employer ID number, and national provider number. 
  3. Finally, the accreditation application will be submitted, and the accreditation fees will be paid. 

NEMTAC accreditation is on a first-come-first-serve basis. The organization only accredits a maximum of five businesses each month. 


Education is critical in raising industry standards. All NEMT companies must successfully reach minimum standards in providing excellent customer care. 

Technology plays an important role in NEMT. NEMTAC’s technology advisory board has established various documents and manuals for the use of technology in NEMT in healthcare. 

Efficient NEMT software like RouteGenie will be crucial in providing satisfactory service to clients with special medical needs. 

According to NEMTAC the following are the basic tools for top-level NEMT service:

Advance Trip Reminders

Advance Trip Reminders sends notifications to passengers the night before their scheduled trips. This can be sent through email or text message in the passenger’s language of choice. The passenger needs to acknowledge the notification and confirm or cancel the trip. 

Another notification will be sent when the NEMT vehicle is on its way to pick up the passenger. This technology will reduce dry runs, which are no-show and cancel-at-door situations, by 10% to 50%. It is cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Mobile Real-Time Technology

NEMT driver application that provides real-time information about NEMT drivers will ensure every aspect of the service is completed efficiently. The driver gets details of the client’s mobility so they can help during pick up and drop off. The tool also provides GPS coordinates to give the driver an easier time managing routes. 

Data Repository

With more and more businesses going digital, data is easier to collect and analyze. With a secure and high-tech data repository, industry players will have access to critical information that will improve their NEMT services. 

However, it has to be emphasized that customers’ personal data must not be part of the collection process. 

Billing Software

Efficient billing software will benefit all NEMT companies, their stakeholders, insurance companies, and even patients. It will help businesses track revenue while ensuring all customers are billed correctly. 


NEMTAC also provides training for people who want to have a career in the NEMT industry. 

For example, an NEMT driver is not an ordinary one. They are professional drivers that must be technologically adept because of the software and application elements of the job. They must also have basic healthcare knowledge as they will assist passengers who have special medical needs. 

NEMTAC Transform 2023: Innovations and Trends in the NEMT Industry

NEMTAC 2023: Innovations and Trends in the NEMT IndustryThe NEMTAC Conference will tackle a variety of topics that affect the NEMT industry, particularly innovations and emerging trends. 

As technology is always evolving, the conference is a great way for industry players and even those in the early stages of starting an NEMT business to discuss NEMT software and other advanced tools and how they will change the game and simply to network with established providers. 

NEMTAC recently concluded the public comment for Draft Standard 1001 NEMT Levels of Service, which establishes a comprehensive framework for NEMT service and operations. The framework seeks to improve the quality and safety of transportation and services for individuals with medical needs. 

It would be interesting to see how the public responds to the draft, which is expected to be presented during NEMTAC 2023. 

Aside from NEMT professionals, other expected guests for the NEMTAC Conference include professionals from the insurance, recruitment, marketing, and fleet management industries. 

Some of the topics from NEMTAC 2022 and NEMTAC 2021 will surely be touched on as well. 

NEMTAC Transform 2023 is still calling for speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. The commission is also looking for new members of its Resource and Conference Board and the Accreditation Advisory Board. Both will have important roles in the conference. 

There will be in-person advisor board meetings on September 10, 2023, for the following programs:

  • Certification
  • Technology
  • Accreditation
  • Compliance and Regulatory

There will also be an evening welcome reception for all participants on the first night of NEMTAC 2023 conference.

Details of other daily activities, such as sessions and conferences, are yet to be announced. 

Those who registered early for the conference got a fantastic discount as the early-bird registration price was set at $599 per person. The current registration price is $749, while on-site registration will be $849 per attendee. 

Exhibitors can choose between a regular booth at $4,500 with two staff members and the premium booth at $10,000, which can accommodate four staff members. Additional staff costs $499 per person. 


The NEMTAC Conference 2022, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, tackled industry concerns among NEMT business owners, passengers, and partners. The event was the perfect venue to discuss these issues because professionals from different segments of the industry were represented. 

The three-day event, also held in September, was a perfect blend of education and entertainment. There was a dash of culture, too, as participants, vendors, and exhibitors congregated in one of America’s famous historic cities. 


The 2021 NEMTAC Conference was held in its birth state of Arizona from September 26 to 28, 2021. It was a fruitful event that tackled issues within the growing industry. New industry players gained a fresh perspective on the industry and where it was going. 

NEMTAC’s Impact on Patient Care and Access to Medical Service

NEMTAC’s Impact on Patient Care and Access to Medical ServiceTransportation is an important part of healthcare and medical services. Many senior citizens, patients with special medical needs, and other vulnerable will benefit from reliable transportation from NEMT providers. 

NEMTAC has an equally crucial responsibility in shaping the standards of the industry to ensure that top-quality services are provided. This includes safety, not just in the transport aspect but in assisting people with medical needs from the moment they are picked up. 

The NEMTAC Conference will help in the advancement of patient care and access to various health services. 


The NEMTAC 2023 annual conference is dedicated to championing the highest standards and best practices in the NEMT industry. It is a great opportunity for business owners, operators, and professionals to learn from industry leaders and discover current and future trends in NEMT software and technology to advance their businesses.

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